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Ron Halls Avanti

steve remick

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That is strange, Ron Hall is one of my hero's in racing at Bonneville with his Avanti, I have raced there at Bonneville for 23 years with my 1963 Avanti and I raced it with Ron Hall's race number on my car which is 1963 and below it my decal says "In Memory of Ron Hall" also his family knows I raced with his number and years ago after he passed they came to Bonneville and saw  my Avanti with his number, it was a special time meeting them and the family got to see the salt that Ron raced on. Ron and I used to talk on the phone for many hours, he helped me with ideas when I first started racing in 1993. so there are 2 Avanti's with the same race number, kind of special and rare. My last race with my Avanti was last November at El MIrage Dry Lake in Southern California desert, later I donated my Avanti to the Studebaker National Foundation and they arranged for it to be on display at "Word of Speed" museum just south of Portland, Oregon, it will be there for the next 2 years, then the foundation will move it to another car museum. so if your in that area stop by and see my race car. I got my car appraised so I can take some $ off my income tax, here is a photo of my car being delivered by me at their museum.

2017 May 3rd Avanti in Museum 096.JPG

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