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Multiple electrical & other glitches


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I drove Avanti R-4051 for its first test since the beginning of a frame off restoration began in 1973. This barn find was delivered to my garage in December 2014 as a shell full of boxes and plastic totes full of parts. Mechanically it is together and working. The electrical is challenging me. I have used the original wiring harness which looked almost new and tested continuity in all the individual wires. Even though I cleaned all the connectors with fine sandpaper and the female sides with a very small wire brush, when I connected everything the following do not work:

  1. Turn signals. I did change over all the bulbs except headlights to LED's. They did work before I blew the fuse due to a bad new instrument panel bulb that shorted directly to its case. Bulb and fuse replaced and now nothing. I also replaced the flasher with a LED matching electronic flasher. When that did not work I tried two other original flashers with no better results.
  2. Horn. Worked before I took the steering column apart to trace and insulate the column wires from the steering column jacket. Found out tonight that it works when I am not pressing the brake. But does not work when the car is in the garage whether the ignition is on or not or with any combination of switches on.
  3. Gas gauge. I think that the connections at the tank are not conducting. Is there any other typical things that I should check?
  4. Wiper motor. Also did work. I think that I have this fixed, it appears that the 5 amp circuit breaker is not resetting, as there is not continuity across its terminals.
  5. Back up lights. this blew a fuse due to a terminal on the automatic transmission switch had bent out in my installation and shorted against the aluminum under lining that the second owner install in the transmission tunnel. I re-bent the terminal and covered the terminal with electrical tape.
  6. Heater. I replaced the original heater with a Vintage Air heater/AC system. I think that I have the heater wires correct, but cannot get the heater blower to go on. I have not yet installed the AC compressor yet.
  7. Clock. I did add a ground between the case and the Z bar, but still nothing.
  8. Grounding. Besides the clock ground I also added a 10 gauge ground between the Z bar of the dash and the engine.
  9. Speedometer. I installed a new speedometer cable and used the correct gear at the transmission, but no speed readings.

A couple of early observations about the car. Gee does the engine compartment inner fender walls get hot, is that normal? And boy am I am glad that Jon Myer sold me the "silent" mufflers. Cannot think about how loud it would be otherwise. And yes even thought I only had it up to 50 mph, it is more fun than I deserve. I appreciate all the assistance folks like the Myer family and Dave Thibeault have graciously given. Gary Landrio



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With that many electrical problems I would start with looking for a ground problem. Run a jumper directly to the dash from the battery negative post.

To test the turn signals you can jump the two terminals on the flasher just to switch the signal lights on. You can then check at the sockets for power and ground.

Start with checking for a good ground everywhere first then go from there.


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