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1973 Avanti for sale on Craigslist Bloomington/Normal IL

j the teacher

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I talked to this guy at a car cruise in Bloomington (ILLINOIS) last summer. I gave him a copy of an Avanti Magazine and told him to put an ad in it or look on this site. Not sure if he did either, so I thought I would pass this along. His name is Monte. Below the pictures is a posting from Bloomington/normal craigslist.



I hate to do it but, the time has come to sale my super rare and all orginal Avanti II. I have owned this car for a little over a year and have come to the conclusion that, if I haven't started working on it by now, I probably won't and I refuse to be that guy who says he will get to it and never does. First, this is a real car and NOT a kit car. (Google them and fimd out for yourself). The car is all orginal and all there, (the gas tank door is inside the car). The engine is the orginal Chevy 400 from the factory (it is stuck right now amd won't turn over), and the trans is the orginal auto that came with the car. The body is in good shape and it is all fiberglass (stock from the factory), the passenger front does have a small crack in it but, should be an easy fix. The driver side hog trouphes are gone but, the passenger side are still there and in good shape. This car is super rare amd 1 of 109 produced in 1973. The title is there and good to go!DI am asking $4500 OBO, pick up only and cash only. NO TRADES.

If you are a serious buyer please call me at 309- EIGHT FOUR SIX - 2999.

Other pictures taken by Dennis Paul in October




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Yes, definitely a tough sell...mainly because there are many similar year Avanti ll's out there for sale in much better shape, and for not much more $$$$$ than is being asked here!

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