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I'd be living a dream if somebody knew where to source a recreation of the 20th anniversary's bumper. All bumpers [bumper covers] post-1983 chrome are urethane, ya? It is a material I've not worked with much but I have a feeling I'll plunge down that rabbit hole. Lord knows I love to learn content in various rabbit holes.

I'll be making and installing the correct GT fender flares, and I will install some other racy parts, but with an Avanti we don't have many options over stock. If I were to buy a 1989 Avanti front bumper and remove the air dam portion to meld onto my car, I can't do that without subtracting from the total number of 1989 Avanti front bumpers. I would be far more friendly to other Avanti owners if I found a [Cervini's, Saleen, or other] urethane piece I like and work some modification magic on my car.

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That looks like it has some Camaro IROC-Z influence. Like, a lot. Especially the part of the fascia beneath the Camaro's headlights.

[The addendum]
Looking more in depth at earlier 3rd gen. Camaros, the Z28 had styling the later IROC would get. That gen. Camaro went on sale December '81. It's plausible some 'inspiration' was noticed and borrowed.

I'll be posting more pictures and videos of my build as I get started with a gusto come "No Mo Snow Twenny-Fo!" This year saw some pitfalls but I've been stripping the car at a moderate pace.

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Since Herb Adams had a lot on influence on the GT there was lot of GM styling and parts that went into the car.  The suspension is a nightmare with GM parts but all customized. There is nothing of the shelf with the GT :(


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I hear that. I don't suppose the rear end is C4 'Vette, complete with the "batwing" differential carrier, is it? That's how Mr. Heacock's electric Avanti adapted IRS.

My final build will also have little in common with its peers. I could select darn near any engine but am leaning toward GM LS. On that note, I have been trying to figure out some fitment math. My hope is making the C7's [engine, torque tube, & trans-axle] setup work while maintaining the car's 2+2 status, and not putting a large ridge between left & right passengers.

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