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Avanti parts car


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I have an 83 Avanti II roller parts car, chassis is in really good condition and no rust. Started a project, now I have a kid on the way and too busy with life. Cars in bare fiberglass, no engine or trans, no wiring, seats are in the attic covered and in excellent condition, other than the driver seat having a rip, E Nardi wood grain steering wheel, I have all the glass in good condition, still have the chrome bumpers but the bumpers(great condition) were deleted and fiberglass patched. Clean title. Tires and wheels still in good condition. Don't expect it to sell for much but figured I would see what someone would give for it. If anyone would potentially be interested, message me and I can email some pictures and you can shoot me an offer. (I'd rather this go to a good home instead of my local junkyard) 


I live 30 minutes NorthEast of Dallas, Texas. 

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