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Ventilator Grill Design


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I needed to replace the ventilator grill on the driver side of my 71 Avanti.  The passenger side was still in good shape, so I was able to design a and build a new cover on my 3D printer.  I posted the designs on the website “Thingiverse” under the title “Avanti vent cover”. There are designs for the left and right side.  I made the vents out of PLA.  The prints each took about 12 hours on my Ender 3 printer.  The downloads are of course free.

I hope that this might be of use to someone





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11 hours ago, Bozman said:

Thanks Ron,

there’s lots of commercial places that will do the printing at a reasonable price, I don’t think I want to go into the printing business.😊


I understand. I'm a Luddite that didn't know there were [laces that could print stuff for you.

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