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1989 Avanti gets some respect


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This 1989 Avanti was chosen to lead the antique and classic cars in the Irvington, Va July 4th parade of about 100 cars. Past parade leaders include a 1930 V-16 Cadillac, 1936 Mercedes 540K, 1958 Cadillac Eldorado, 1929 Merceces Roadster, 1939 Ford woody station wagon. Irvington, Va is a Chesapeake Bay community of many retirees from the east and south east parts of the country and has many outstanding antique and classic cars. The entire parade can be seen at Irvingtonparade2015.shutterfly.com. It's a big deal in a small Virginia community. Ken, Deltaville Va


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Ken, your 89 is looking good! My 89 is very similar to yours except my interior is black with red stitching instead of the tan interior yours has. My 89 has the blackout trim and black top as well. I've also got the American Racing wheels Torque Thrust models, 18's in front and 20's in the back.

I saw your car in Dover but did not get a chance to talk with you. Great looking set up!

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Great picture.

What size wheels and tires you running?

17 inch American Racing with 215/40R17 tires. Rear is elevated becasue air suspension is on; makes the rear tires look too small. Ken

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