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Pusher Van Install / Temp Sensor Question

Tim G

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Hi Everybody,

Like I assume is the case for many Avantis mine has an issue on hot days at slow speeds or when stuck in traffic.  The coolant temp will spike over 200 and come right back down once the car is moving at a reasonable speed.  I've decided to install a pusher fan on the front of the radiator to give the cooling system a little extra help.  The simple way to do this would be to just wire up a switch and control it from the cabin but I figured I'd try to use a relay and temp sensor so it runs automatically during temp spikes.

I assume someone (likely a few) have done a similar install and I'm wondering where you installed the coolant temp sensor for the fan.  I know the stock temp sensor is in the back of the driver's side head and it looks like there is a threaded plug to match in the other head but both are very small diameter compared to the 3/8" sensor that came with my fan.  Advice on where to install the current sensor and/or suggestions of where to find a more appropriate single wire sensor are appreciated!  I'd rather not drill and tap anything new if it can be avoided.



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