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Bumper bolts


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When I decided to repair all the faults in the fiberglass, paint and remove the rubber molding from around the car I discovered that the front and rear wrap around bumpers were bolted to the body sides with recessed elevator bolts that were hidden by the molding.


I didn’t want the head of the bolt showing so I looked for chrome plated bumper bolts and found these;


The company made me some 3/8 x 2” bolts in Amber and Red


They fit the recess perfect and add something different. They are a lot brighter then they appear in the photos.



I noticed on the Visibolt site that they offer a Dual Brightness Module to use them as turn signals also, I'll be making the upgrade.

Safe motoring,

Jim Wood

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Great tip. I took the ugly rubber blocks off my '79. That left a hole in the rear bumper face. I used a carriage bolt to fill the hole.

These lighted bolts will give me, in effect, another pair of taillights when I connect them to that circuit.

Almost a third brake light set-up but lower.

Thanks for the heads-up.

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