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Mustang GT brakes on my Avanti?? Hummmm


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B) which master cylinder did you use? their seems to be several mention. john

I found this today ... I think that this is the master I used, I was looking at it

now that I have the 4 wheel discs on, and its looking kinda "icky" after being

on there for over 10 years. I think I will stop by Autozone and buy a new

master cylinder to be ready for my Cobra brakes which I will order soon.


"Here is what you will need. 1 ea. NAPA/United master cylinder 36307 (or Bendix 11515; this unit fits a

variety of '71-'75 Mopars, but a specific model to nail it to is a '71 Dodge Polara, 360 ci V-8)"

I also solved the design issue of the lower caliper bolt, rotating the caliper up

about 10 degrees from where I originally put it, now makes both bolts easily

accessible. The only drawback, is that the metal part of the brake line needs

to be bent inward and away from the upper a-arm - a task easily done by hand.

I also found I did something amazingly stupid, after all that cool design work,

I used caliper mounting bolts that were too long, and they made a nice groove

on the inside of the rotor! Now, its not a huge deal, since the reason I GOT the

brakes for free, is that the rotors were worn out and needed replacement. I

went to Autozone and picked up two new rotors, and a pad set. The GT rotors

are 25 dollars a piece, and the pads were only 15 bucks. :DB)


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