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Sunroof Repair


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While giving RQB-3553 a long overdue wash tonight, I noticed the roof was coming unbonded from the sunroof pan! I have read writeups on repairing this a while ago. Where are the best instructions on this repair? I have gotten rid of most of my old Avanti mags (as well as piles of other auto mags that were just sitting around)?



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I've not done the repair, but there is some good info on Bob Johnstone's website:


Also, I copied info posted by "Billy" some years back about repairing the separation of an '87 Sky Top moon roof,

and made a Word document from that. I cannot find anything on this forum now on that subject.

I'm a bit uncomfortable about posting something here that was written by another forum member.

Click the Avanti photo to the left of this post and send me a personal message via this forum with your email address and I'll send you that 284kb file.

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