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What is this huge thing in the trunk of another 1989 Convertible?


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I am looking at a photo gallery of a 1989 Avanti Convertible that was for sale out in California in 2016. In that photo gallery there are some photos of the trunk of the car. In the middle of the trunk is this HUGE bulge. See the photos below to see the photos I am talking about.

What is this huge thing? If the spare tire sits under this thing why is it so damn tall? Does it actually hold two tires?

In looking at these photos I don't see hardly any luggage room left in the trunk where this thing is positioned. I would have thought your average Avanti buyer when these were new would have wanted to at least be able to fit a set of golf clubs in the trunk of the car.

BTW, the for sale ad for this car can be seen at:


And there is a video on Youtube at:



The VIN # 12AAV2223K1000551 for this car


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added web links and talk about lack of trunk space
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I am looking at a online for sale ad for a different 1989 Avanti convertible at:



And the photos of the trunk in this car shows a smaller spare tire cover in the trunk that seems to sit further forward in the trunk actually leaving some space in the trunk for luggage and it is nowhere near as tall as the other one.

The Vin # 12AAV222XK1000420 for this car






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