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Halibrand Repops now available!


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Finally, USMags/MHT of Rancho Dominguez, CA is producing a reproduction of our Classic Halibrand Magnesium wheel. I'm trying to get some info as to whether a group of Studebaker collectors can get a group price, but discussions are slow and initially they insist that we deal with our local "sales shop". I'm OK with that, I'm just not sure whether a local shop can service people across the country IF we can get a discounted price. The young man I was speaking with, was not even aware of the historical nature of this design, I had to send him a picture of my wheels to insure they could reproduce the polished rim & match the color of the magnesium center section. I've requested drawings and color chips for sign-off. I'll keep following up as time permits, but these wheels are pretty darn close. here is a link to their website:


The wheel is ID'd as "Offy" U412.

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