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Rack and pinion steering question


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Has anyone converted the bell crank steering on a pre-1985 Avanti to rack and pinion steering? I've always liked the quicker response from rack and pinion steering over the bell crank.

Thanks in advance!

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Whether it's Avanti or Studebaker, the answer is not straight forward. This is an oft discussed topic on the SDC forum and the answers go from early 90's Cavalier or equivalent vehicle, Slick Street conversion to complete subframe replacement with either OEM or aftermarket like Fatman Ind. unit.

The jury remains in session on the first two and with either you'll be tilling little used soil. The OEM and Aftermarket units have enough engineering in them to be passable but they take a very good fabricator.

One SDC forum member (Mike V.) has used 'vette parts but he has excellent engineering and fab skills.

My recommendation, unless you possess above average skills is either to be sure your front suspension is in like new condition with the quick steering arms or contact Morrision or the like about a new frame, expensive though. Bump Steer is not a fun thing.

I put a R&P on my 54K but the problem is it's never been over 45 MPH. So far so good but I'll bet in the long run, It will be replaced by something else.


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Yes. The quickest, least expensive method has been the '90s GM compacts which use center tie rod mount racks. The rack itself is light duty and there is some loss of turning radius unless the quick steering arms are used also.

No, the Corvette rack cannot be used without the entire Corvette subframe. It's not center tie rod mount.

Maybe, do a month's worth of search and reading over on the SDC site.

As mentioned above, if every component of the Avanti OEM system is new and properly aligned, they steer quite well.

jack vines

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