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Hi  Jim78, Thank you for the quick response. I just purchased the 1978 Avanti II, that I needed the wiring diagram for. I found out what I needed to know in the diagrams, great help. So, I am a novice in the Avanti II world and the Forum world as well. So I will need a lot of help in dealing with my new purchase. Another issue I need an answer to is about the interior lighting. Does the Avanti II use the same red bulbs as the '63 and '64's ?, and when using the "Bright/ Dim" switch, does that control all the interior lights or just the gauges? I have found the dash lights to be dim and not very much brighter when flipping the switch to the "Bright" mode.

I have found an elongated, red, burned, gel covered bulb and also a red, round bulb in the instrument panel.I would like to know what bulbs to buy to get the correct lighting in the interior. Hopefully some supplier sells a complete set of correct ones.

Any help will be appreciated,

            AL POLO


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My '71 has clear bulbs that were dipped in red paint. IMHO painting the bulbs is not a good plan as the paint reduces light intensity; runs hotter than clear bulbs, then cracks and flakes off over time. I've noticed only the gauges are affected by the switch for bright and dim. If money wasn't an issue, I'd go with LED lighting that allows you to dial in a range of different colors. 

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