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Loose steering


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After making sure that all my tie rods and ball joints were OK I started to look for the problem of loose steering on my '87 Avanti. :angry: Here is what I found:

1. The flexible steering shaft that goes from the steering column shaft to the steering box was loose at the upper slip joint. There is a bolt that connects it to the steering column shaft, but it was loose allowing the slip joint to pivot. Tighten the bolt up to take out the movement. Rubber at the bottom of shaft was OK.

2. Adjusted 80,000 miles of play out of gear box. This made alot of difference, returned road feel and made the car go where I pointed it.


3.Added a front brace from Savitske Classic & Custom. It cost me $180.00 with delivery and made the front end rock stable. I was totally surprised at the improvement this brace made and it only took 15 minutes to install, using OEM holes and bolts.


The difference is incredible. No wandering and is a dream in turns. Stable with no play. The first two things I tried made a big diffence and didn't cost a cent. :)

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