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Turn Signal lever Replacement


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The turn signal lever on my 76 stopped canceling itself out after a turn. After talking with Dan Booth, I found the lever needs to be replaced. Taking the cover off the turn signal switch outside the steering column confirmed the broken metal at the end of the turn signal lever. Dan said to remove the steering wheel, then take the nut off the steering column shaft, remove the locking snap ring, then using a steering wheel puller, pull the hub off to reveal the inside where the screw is located to fasten the turn lever. Everything went ok for removing the wheel (6 screws) and the nut, but I do not see a locking snap ring or any place on the shaft where the snap ring would fit. My question is if anyone has taken off a Momo wheel and not found a locking snap ring under the nut on the steering column shaft to remove before removing the hub. I did some looking at U-Tube videos on steering columns, but they proved to be more comical than informative.

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