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front seat replacements

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am looking for suggestions for front seat replacements. i want headrests for safety, and good ergonomics as well. my car remains stock R2 and I want to keep it essentially that way (no racing style seats), but am open to Recaro or other aftermarket types and good salvage yard take-off finds which would fit. anyone have suggestions?

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I'd suggest the older large Recaros, like the ones used as an option in Avanti II's of the late 70's & early 80's. You just need to go to a salvage yard and look around, as those seats (I want to say Recaro "C" seats, but I'm not certain) were used on a wide range of cars, including Mercedes, BMW sedans, Cadillac Allante, etc. If I'm not mistaken, you can even still buy adapters for them new from Recaro for the Avanti.

Another possibility would be Jag XJ40 seats, which are very comfortable, not quite as firm as the Recaros.

Here's a link to an Avanti recently on eBay that had Recaros:


Here are some links to seats now on eBay(or recently sold) :






Tell us what you're looking for in terms of color and material. I have a very nice pair of Recaro (I think) seats in a very dark brown (almost black) soft woven material that I'm not sure I'll ever use, because I also have another tan leather set (from an Allante) I hope to make use of in a long-term project car.

One problem with seats is that they are expensive to ship (heavy and bulky) so it's probably best to find some within driving range. Recovering them can be very expensive, too, but may be necessary to complement your car, and new foam cushions may be hard to find.

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