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Just put some new shocks on my 71 Avanti front. Made a big difference in ride and handling. Advance store computer had no problem on a list number for the front. Number is KYB 343127. Only surprise is the lower support arm in the shock is shorter than required and requires a large washer to provide holding support. Other than that the fit and ride is very nice. No number from Adavance Store for the rear shocks which I need.

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here's a some numbers I had written down for the rears, but I've had the numbers quite a few years now so I'm not sure they're still valid:

Koni 8240 (F?) -1012 (502)

Koni 82-1425

Gabriel 26177

Monroe gas 5831

Sears Classic gas 91103

One owner reported using shocks for a 70's Camaro by inserting the crossbar from his old shocks into the upper mounting hole on the Camaro shocks.

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Guest Anonymous

It was listed under Classic shock. Advance store actually listed a 71 Avanti front shock but AutoZone didn't. The front shock is made in Japan and the rear shock is made in Mexico. Apparently nothing is made here anymore.

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