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'63 R1 3-speed with hill-holder


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The hill-holder in my 3-speed '63 R1 is inop. The 2-3 synchronizer seems to have seen better days -- I can only up-shift without significant gear-clatter by double-clutching at low speed/low RPM. A trans rebuild is planned. What should be done with the hill-holder? Might it have contributed to my shifting issues? I have no interest in a functional hill-holder -- it's really flat-land here. Besides, I'm still pretty good at operating the clutch.

...while my 89k-mile original, unrestored is pretty much an unmolested car, a fully-synchronized 4-speed is a curiosity. Thoughts?

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Billy Bob, If you are thinking about a change, why not a five speed? AFAIK the hill-holder has no connection to the

transmission at all, and would have no effect on shifting or wear on the transmission synchromesh rings, only clutch

and bumper wear. Also, anything you change or remove can always be stored away in a box.

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Thanks! I like the Idea(!) of a 5-speed. Where can I get details (e.g. parts, part nos., installation instructions, etc.)?

Billy Bob, it's time to learn about the search feature over on the SDC Forum. I think the Mustang T5 is the most popular choice,

but AFAIK the GM T5 works just as well. You'll need an adaptor, new clutch disc, re-worked driveline, throw-out bearing, about

$1K mad money, if you do it yourself, $1K being the parts cost. It's a very well reviewed swap.

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