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3-speed shifter boot


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Bill I did remember one other bidder on the boot. The repo looks better (color and texture) from SI but made the shifter pop out of gear until I cut it down a bit. Maybe because it was to fit both the 63 and 64. The NOS one looks old (texture and color but shifts without the constant poping out of gear and I'd rather have that. As it was I had to replace the cluster and low/reverse last summer. Was able to buy them from Jon Meyer. Along with new mondern day lube it shifts like butter. I have only seen one other 3sp and that was a plain jane in Minn. (radio delete, no A/C and no Power steering) and one other. According to Andy Beckman there were only about 60 made so yours is well worth restoring. The new fad of course is keeping the survivers the way they were. My only change to the way it came was color.

Hope we can compare items and meet sometime.

I'm sure Mich is just as cold and snowy as Iowa right now. -15 today. Can't wait for summer to get the Avanti out.

Dave B


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