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Quick Steering Arm


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It's time to rebuild the bad steering on the 78 Avanti II with power steering.

Looking for Steering Box and worm gear.

Was told to also ge a pair of Quick Steering arms from SI ( $115 pair).

Car has 2 year old new shocks, king pins etc. We tightened as much, the steering box

but the Avanti still wanders with upto a 1/4 wheel looseness. Getting to be scary driving on bad roads.

Hard to stay in one lane without drifting over, at times.

Has anyone these parts in their possession for sale or any lessons learned from this type of repair.



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Are you sure it's the steering box that's causing the problem?

Besides a worn steering box and kingpins, there are a few other places in the steering system that will cause excessive looseness. Have you checked for excessive play in the bellcrank? Also, check the adjustment of the power steering comtrol valve - if the nut on the spool valve is too loose it can cause the steering to be loose and wander. Another overlooked part is the flexible coupler or "rag joint" between the steering column and the steering box. These can rot after being exposed to exhaust heat, spilled oil and brake fluid etc over the years. Worn A-arm bushings can cause the steering wander also. Has the wheel alignment been checked?


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I wrote these for the SDC site, they might be helpful - Tom

Avanti power steering system rebuild Q & A


Studebaker Power Steering Pump Rebuild - how to


Studebaker Power Steering Ram Rebuild - how to


Studebaker Power Steering Control Valve - how to


Studebaker Power Steering Hoses Replace - how to


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