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tie-rod boots

Dwain G.

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Some thoughts from a non-expert...

I own an earlier Avanti, but enjoy perusing this forum as well,

since the cars have a lot of parts in common. What I'm not sure of, though is

whether your 85 has a Stude frame or a GM frame.... I would think Stude,

but I'm not certain.

I'm not aware of any heat-resistant boots, but perhaps they exist.

In reading your post, I wonder how much space there is between

the center tie rod ends and the crossover pipe, because perhaps a heat shield

might help if there's enough space for one. Here's examples of heat

shields used by mid-60's corvettes to protect their fiberglass floor panels

(they simply bolt onto the pipe, between the pipe and the floor they are meant to

protect, reducing radiant heat, and allowing airflow to keep the shield cooler than the pipe):

http://www.corvette-paragon.com/p-354256-e...at-shields.aspx (2" pipe)

http://www.corvette-paragon.com/p-351049-e...shield-kit.aspx (2.5")

Some trimming would be necessary, of course.

Another possibility might be to re-route the crossover pipe slightly if there's any

room to do that, eg, have a new pipe made up shaped slightly differently to provide

additional clearance between the pipe and the tie rod ends.

Try a Google search on tie rod boots... example:




But I don't know if they are any more resistant to heat than stock, or if they'd fit & seal.

Or, just bite the bullet and regularly change out the stock parts, they're inexpensive and

it's not an especially difficult job.

Possibly a way around the issue is to go to a full dual exhaust, like earlier Avanti II's

to eliminate the crossover pipe, but I realize that may not be feasible if you are in a state

that has strict emissions laws and inspections; although it might be possible to use two

catalytic converters to keep the state happy.

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