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FYI, just got a call back from the wife of the late Bill Randall, Bill passed away in August of this year. Speaking with his wife this morning, I got her permission to post this on the forum sites,
I am not sure if Bill was a Studebaker guy, but I had met him a few times in York PA at those Studebaker shows.

As of now, she doesn't know of anyone doing repairs; which she volunteered at the end of our conversation.


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I spoke with Gary Steinkell who own's THE HORN WORKS, in WI. his email is carhorns22@charter.net...  There is an informative page on his website, just type in THE HORN WORKS in your browser.

He is able to repair the twin nautilus shaped horns on my 64 Super Hawk, which I imagine is similar to my Avanti R2


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