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Brake Drums Part Number


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My 74 Avanti is currently stuck at the local mechanic pending locating replacement drums and shoes. I would really appreicate some help identifying part numbers for replacements. My hope is that I can get them fast and locally as I suspect they are common parts from other brands. Thanks.

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I think the easiest way to get brake drums is to call Nostalgic Motors (800-Avanti-X) and order them. I do not think there is an "off the shelf" replacement, at least I was never able to find one. I know of some other brake drums that will work but they require machining, spacers, etc. New ones are expensive, but you'll probably never have to replace them again! The shoes are easier to find; they're a Wagner #228 which was used in many other applications.

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Here are some numbers I have in my notes, but I haven't bought them so I can't swear they are correct,

nor am I familiar with changes that may have occurred in various years of the Avanti II:


EIS #ES449R or Bendix 173 shoes


Wagner FD41451 or 13/16 rear cylinders from 61-66 Volvo P


Kelsey Hayes #57628-A (but listed for years 76-81, so beware)

BPD-315360-R & BPD-315359-L (but listed for 67-70, so beware) (BPD may be "Bendix Parts Division")

I agree that ordering through Nostalgic Motors would be your best/safest bet.

If you do purchase locally with success, please give us feedback on what worked.

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Thanks for the information, please keep it coming. The drums via Nostalgic are $150 EA plus shipping to Seattle, WA. Total for just drums is going to be ~$350 plus 7-10 days shipping. I am hoping to save time and money by finding replacements locally. I am working with my local Napa guy to identify replacement drums and am having a hard time matching up. The old drums have Kelsey 67973 (the 6 could be a 5 and the 9 could be an 8). They also say “made in Canada”. I'll keep probing for a day or two before I give up and get them from Nostalgic. However, it would be nice to find a replacement so when Nostalgic runs out we have alternatives. Seems like it should be eaiser than this.

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