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Strato-Vue mirror fix

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My Strato-Vue exterior mirror is very wobbly and will not stay in any position. So I am following the repair idea from an old article in Avanti Magazine (see attachment). Since the mirror glass broke during removal I had a new mirror cut. My question is about gluing the mirror to the metal housing. The mirror glues to a small lip around the perimeter of the housing.  The glass guy who cut the mirror said to be careful about what adhesive I use because some adhesives will eat away at the reflective coating on the mirror. He has some adhesives that would not damage the mirror, but they say they are for indoor use only. Any suggestions about what adhesive would be best for this?



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These are good tips!!....Not only on the mirror, but also Brad's tip concerning the replacement (O'Reilly's) heater hose with a 90' bend.....Thanks!:D

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Follow-up to this... I followed the instructions in the article to fix the wobbly mirror and so far it's holding well. I had a glass shop cut a new round mirror glass (cost me $14) and used JB-Weld to glue the mirror into the housing. I'll see how it holds up over time.

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