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  1. when I owned a 1931 Ford there were several parts that were chrome plated BUT not polished to a high finish. These were called "buttler chrome finish" they were actually scratched the Avanti air cleaner probably could be chrome plated with a steel wool scratch finish!?

    Perhaps your plater can remember & help you out!

  2. if you ever wanted a fabulous looking, Running & driving Avanti serial number 5255 is for sale. A National Winner in 2011 at Gettysburg.5255 is Avanti Red , R2 automatic trans , TT, AM radio, PS, Everything works as it should. Hog troughs are finished in original paint, as is the rear cross member. I am intimate with this car as I've owned it 10 years now. Call Ron on my cell at 516-640-8074 for more info. Car located in central Virginia

  3. Hello VTMike: I own #5255 an Avanti red 1964 R2 with 76K  original miles. the car is automatic trans , PS, TT AM radio (with FM conversion) a   SOLID condition car, with a black interior.

    all correct & almost all original with one same color repaint. Absolutely stunning car, everything works, original paint on the hog troughs. The car is located in central VA. I have owned this auto for 10 years. I am intimately familiar with this auto . This car was a National first place winner at Gettysburg, PA in 2011 with many improvements since then! If you or any other Avanti "wannabe" is interested .........call me at 516-640-8074 for a lengthy , honest description!

  4. The Studebaker parts book on page 158 states that the car requires 7 #57R bulbs  ( part # 1557882)) DON'T you believe it , you'll need 8 to do the job!!

    Funny you should ask about the "dimming" requirement ! NO you will NOT be able to dim the LED's I leave the overhead switch on bright. I did this job about 8 years ago perhaps they are dimmable today. The speedometer had 2 lights so it will be the brightest instrument at night. Only install the super bright LED's . Perhaps the newer ones will be brighter!!  Good luck  The LED in the vacuum gage is the most difficult to reach. You'll need a pain pill after you do this job BUT you'll like the results & know you'll never have to do it again !!!

  5. I simply bought them on line. Just make sure you purchase (red of course) "supper Bright" bulbs. The spedo will illuminate the brightest due to the fact there are 2 bulbs (even though  the shop book says only one) The vacuum gage will have the worst access BUT you will get it!! Good luck !!

  6. Gunslinger does have a valid  solution to the problem. Several years ago when I was confronted with an inoperable tach  I found D&M Restoration in Greenville, SC. I sent them my tach they installed a restored dial & rebuilt the tach to fully self contained electronics. They also calibrated the tach for accuracy . One fringe benefit is that you will no longer need the sending unit that takes up valuable space under the dash. To say that I love it would be an understatement! Was it a bit pricey  YES but results are fantastic & the job is done forever. While you're under the dash it would make things more simple if you also replaced all those red #57 bulbs with super brite red LED's. Then that task is also done forever! Something to consider, right?!

  7. Billy has literally hit the nail on the head. I've seen so much of this topic in this forum. I did what Billy did some 8 years ago now and his statements are on the money ! You're on safe , modern wheels. Only a spying eye could detect the slightly wider 215 x 15 radial tires. The spare.....Billy is SOOOO right !!  Do you think we can finally put this topic to bed?? 


  8. Chris... I'm sure you don't want to do this job again...right? So replace all the red GE 57 incandesnt bulbs with red super bright LED's. As far as that antiquated tach sending unit.

    trash it ( you'll have a little more under dash room) and have the tach rebuilt using all new , modern electronics. Costly, yes BUT so much more accurate, reliable & steady while idling.

    I had  "D & M restoration" in Greenville, SC.    I did it almost 7 years ago & NEVER a problem!

    Good Luck with whatever you decide.

  9. I just bought 2 NOS Studebaker / Packard oil filters when we attended the LAST get-together meet in York, PA.

    I haven't figured out when & if I'm ever going to install one on old #5255 or not ....But - I got 'em just the same!!

  10. Just be aware that the only light that comes on when you open a door is the one below the radio. The lights over the rear quarter windows only light when the switch is thrown on the lamp itself. You'll have to have a schematic to know what lights etc. are on a circuit so you can look for a short.

    Also just remember that any mouse that may have taken up residence in your Stude just loved to eat the soy that was manufactured into the old wires. I had one in the shifter quadrant light that drove me crazy until I found it after blowing many 2 amp fuses...........Good hunting for shorts !! (or mouse)

  11. I received my copy of the Authenticity Manual today. I am VERY satisfied, to say the least!

    The amount of work that has gone into this book is truly incredible. If you have an original car like my #5255 is, you must get a copy of this book!

    Thanks for your hard work......it's been worth waiting for.

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