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  1. I've run into the same problem w/ Turner's rear bracket... has anyone found a solution???
  2. How did the rear brake install go??? I bought the Turner rears & haven't been able to figure how they fit...
  3. 2 questions.... everything I've seen says that the rear drums are 10 in.... Mine say 11.... do I have different drums than the rest of you??? #2 the underside of my frame rails are covered... ie: I have a boxed frame.... Is that standard for a 76 Avanti???
  4. I purchased 2434 in September 2008 w/ 90,527 miles from the son of the 2nd owner. Personalized it slightly, engine clean & dress up, LED running lights, Saturn chin spoiler, new radio & speakers, power drivers door lock, iPad navigation stand, 16” Mustang wheels & other things... She won a 3rd place Bear Trophy at Gettysburg summer of 2011 & then I spun a bearing that Christmas Eve. I have been nursing dreams of getting her back on the road over the past 10 years & 3 moves. Gettysburg 2011…. Last year my CEO told to ‘Make It the way I wanted or move it….’ Soooo…. last summer the engine came out… a Jasper 350 was massaged by Heard Precision Machine LLC into 383 & a requested 400 bhp…. In December engine dyno tuning at Morgan International 460.9 bhp w/ 472.1 ftlbs were realized…. When pulling the engine my mentor suggested that I move her to his compound & do a frame off… w/ great horsepower comes great stress…. especially w/ 98,799 miles on a 46 year old car…. Soooo the preamble establishes my need for help, suggestions, comments & recommendations on what I should be doing & what pitfalls I need to dig myself out of…. pictures of today…. I anticipate separating the body & frame in the next 2 weeks…. I’m still not sure what I’m putting the body on…. not even sure what it weights…. We’ll be using a 4 arm lift, windshield & rear window are removed… I believe I need to remove the doors but have seen pictures with the body lifted w/ the doors still attached…. Thoughts??? The body & frame are scheduled to be media blasted on July 8th & then the reassembly begins…. I know that I need a new trans… a 4L65E from Bowtie Overdrives is on the wish list but…. I also know that the Dana 44 needs to be overhauled & updated to ‘posi-traction’… Soooo…. I’ll try to keep anyone interested updated on my progress & will definitely be listing questions… Gill Lott
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