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  1. Thank you Turner Brakes for confirming that these are flanged axles.
  2. Can someone tell me what type rear axles I hav e based on this picture???
  3. Wildfire - I running Continental Extreme Contact DWS 205/55ZR16s on the front & 225/55ZR16s on the rear.
  4. Frame painted, body blasted inside & out…. Blown Away Dustless Blasting, Mechanicsville, MD did a wonderful job. Found one more hole on the left front…. Now comes the rebuilding….
  5. Soooo….. the frame has been blasted & 2/3s of the exterior…. Some surprises…. 2 small, 1 large crack & a bad weld on the frame…. 2 holes in the body so far…. A lot of bondo on the rear quarters & hood…. Expected repaired right front fender…. Pictures attached…. Weather & schedule seems to be pushing the remainder of blasting to next Friday…. Painting the frame later today.. I’m happy w/ the frame & the bottom of the body…
  6. Tanda62 & Desert Driver…. Thank you for the Lizzard Skin suggestion!!! I believe that I will use it on the inside & underneath the body…. I like what I’ve seen about it on uTube… Tanda62 - my blastman used glassgrit 40-70 on the frame & natrium 260 on the body.
  7. No I hadn’t herd of it but will look it over…. Thank You!!!
  8. A Question…. the blastman is coming Friday to do the frame, exterior & interior of the body…. Rust inhibitor goes on the frame immediately afterwards…. I'm using Esatwood’s Platinum Encapsulator after cleaning it w/ After-Blast Metal Prep. Is the something that I should do to the exterior and interior??? Fibreglast 1041 seems to be something to add to the interior floor & roof to ‘toughen it’ any thoughts… I am/was planning to paint the inside of the firewall & dash area to give it a freshened look…. I’ll do the same to the rest do the interior but then thought there might be something that could ‘toughen it’…. Yes sound/heat proofing materials will go in the interior & underneath it… Thanks for you input & encouragement…
  9. Thank you for your response & links!!! I’ve already forwarded the chassis link to the CEO & my kids as birthday gift suggestion.. Your project looks great & I hope you don’t mind imitation…
  10. June Update: the body & frame have been separated…. FYI - the parking brake cable is strong enough to lift the front end if not disconnected…. Stainless hog troughs have been ordered…. the blast man comes in two weeks so removal of fuel & brake lines, wiring & climate control systems continues…. I only hope I remember how everything goes back together… i assume that the aluminum panel on the frame that the drill is sitting on is a shield for the cat converter…. I guess as she had true dual exhaust & no cats when I got it… it’s obvious that all rubber needs replacement…. any good sources??? sway bar seems small…. dare I ask if wishbones, tubular or regular are available anywhere…. I once consider replacing the entire front suspension & steering but there is some discussion about keeping the Studebaker design… & finally there is some time to enjoy occasion….
  11. Avanti83 - great suggestions…. & nice car!!! the battery is already in the trunk, triple flow aluminum radiator w/ separate trans cooler & electric fan fit are on hand…. suspension rebuild in being negotiated as are Turner brakes, or at least his brackets… id like some multi piston calipers…. As I gutted the interior I realized that the wiring harness needs replacement…. SuperfastMatt on uTube suggests that I can do it w/o a purchased harness…. While I see that he can, I don’t have the same skill set…. his electric steering & brake boost systems are already nipping at my wallet…. the 4 cooling holes on the fenders are going to have an LED strip behind them to light up the engine compartment… the front nerf bar will go, rear bumper will stay, front is negotiable… Of corse all brake & fuel lines will be replaced, fuel tank too as I’ll be using a Holley Sniper on the engine…. finding a suitable replacement has been a journey… again thanks for the suggestions…
  12. Here’s pictures of the spoiler. It bolted to the radiator frame w/o any problems…
  13. Thank you for your response… I won’t be able to keep the body on the lift but your other comments are of great use. & yes…. I know that this will be a journey….
  14. CEO could tell that something was up with the look on my face….
  15. I purchased 2434 in September 2008 w/ 90,527 miles from the son of the 2nd owner. Personalized it slightly, engine clean & dress up, LED running lights, Saturn chin spoiler, new radio & speakers, power drivers door lock, iPad navigation stand, 16” Mustang wheels & other things... She won a 3rd place Bear Trophy at Gettysburg summer of 2011 & then I spun a bearing that Christmas Eve. I have been nursing dreams of getting her back on the road over the past 10 years & 3 moves. Gettysburg 2011…. Last year my CEO told to ‘Make It the way I wanted or move it….’ Soooo…. last summer the engine came out… a Jasper 350 was massaged by Heard Precision Machine LLC into 383 & a requested 400 bhp…. In December engine dyno tuning at Morgan International 460.9 bhp w/ 472.1 ftlbs were realized…. When pulling the engine my mentor suggested that I move her to his compound & do a frame off… w/ great horsepower comes great stress…. especially w/ 98,799 miles on a 46 year old car…. Soooo the preamble establishes my need for help, suggestions, comments & recommendations on what I should be doing & what pitfalls I need to dig myself out of…. pictures of today…. I anticipate separating the body & frame in the next 2 weeks…. I’m still not sure what I’m putting the body on…. not even sure what it weights…. We’ll be using a 4 arm lift, windshield & rear window are removed… I believe I need to remove the doors but have seen pictures with the body lifted w/ the doors still attached…. Thoughts??? The body & frame are scheduled to be media blasted on July 8th & then the reassembly begins…. I know that I need a new trans… a 4L65E from Bowtie Overdrives is on the wish list but…. I also know that the Dana 44 needs to be overhauled & updated to ‘posi-traction’… Soooo…. I’ll try to keep anyone interested updated on my progress & will definitely be listing questions… Gill Lott
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