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  1. img047.jpg?t=1277503315

    This may or may not help, but I have a set of 16"x7" [specialty Wheel] Magnum 500's that may soon be available if you would like to consider them.

    A set that has been painted to match the car, are on the picture above.

    Front tires are Kuhmo 205/65X16 and the backs are 235/60X16 - 180 MPH rated. 25.6 diameeter in front, 27 in back.

    The front is a Turner brake conversion and the back is Ford Explorer [10 1/2] on a Currie 9" Rear end.

    The front end also has one coil cut out of the front spring.

    NO CLEARANCE PROBLEMS AT ALL - front or rear.

    A friend has the 16" rims on his GT350H mustang, but will soon be going back to the Halibrands, and the 16" rims will be available if you are interested.


    Still have your wheels?

  2. img047.jpg?t=1277503315

    This may or may not help, but I have a set of 16"x7" [specialty Wheel] Magnum 500's that may soon be available if you would like to consider them.

    A set that has been painted to match the car, are on the picture above.

    Front tires are Kuhmo 205/65X16 and the backs are 235/60X16 - 180 MPH rated. 25.6 diameeter in front, 27 in back.

    The front is a Turner brake conversion and the back is Ford Explorer [10 1/2] on a Currie 9" Rear end.

    The front end also has one coil cut out of the front spring.

    NO CLEARANCE PROBLEMS AT ALL - front or rear.

    A friend has the 16" rims on his GT350H mustang, but will soon be going back to the Halibrands, and the 16" rims will be available if you are interested.


  3. Thanks Wayne,

    The problem has been finding the grey 3M stuff. I have some and can find the black easily but maybe 3M has discontinued the grey stuff. I also found "Frost King B2 Mortite Caulking Cord" on-line which seems to be what I am looking for. I also found a referene to a NAPA #4414 but their web site does not show it. I will check next time I am near a NAPA store. The nearest is about thiryt-five miles away so I don't just pop off. My success rate for phone inquiries is only so-so therefore I prefer face-to-face. The nearest body shop store is sixty miles away.

    I'll keep you posted

    Hi Ray, the 3M grey body caulking is PN 8547, original number, if you can find it. My personal experience with silicone

    caulk is not good, tends to stain, not be appropriate for applications where there is movement or vibration.

  4. You do have a rare car...very few Avantis came with the base 3-speed manual...maybe as few as about thirty. This is a case though, where rare doesn't translate into value. You have two choices...either accept it for what it is and enjoy it as such or make changes...swap in a 4-speed or even add a 5-speed, add power steering and whatever other convenience items you want and enjoy it that way.

    Non-power windows is not a real issue...Avanti power windows have been troublesome over the years. Power steering can be added if it's a big issue for you. Personally, I would give serious consideration to converting the car to a 5-speed Tremec...not really inexpensive but would transform the car's performance and fuel economy.

    The truth is...you have a base Avanti. You won't be really hurting its value by making the changes. Few purists want a base car...it's a good platform for modifying. The value of the car can even be enhanced with well thought out and well done modifications.

    Others may disagree with me...I can appreciate a well done and maintained stock car as much as anyone. A base car simply doesn't have the value of more highly optioned cars and is a good candidate for modifications and improvements.

    Thanks Gunslinger, learned something today. Also agree with your proposed change in transmissions. Currently the car is

    a basket case that needs everything. Just a note, I see no way of replacing the 3spd without pulling the engine forward

    about 6 inches, as compared to the 4spd which is easily removed with the engine in place. Merry Christmas to all and

    thanks for your replies.

  5. I had heard that at some point Studebaker stopped putting 3 speed transmissions in Avanti's.

    My '64(?) came from the factory with a 3spd which the P.O. overlooked when he advertised the

    car as a '64 R1 4spd. Using information from the build sheet, obtained from the SNM, this car

    came with no power steering or power windows. It also lists 14 813 BKV, I assume is black

    vinyl interior. I thought I had a rare car, opinions welcome. Thanks

  6. If anyone is in the LA area on Saturday morning, or Sunday after about 11 a.m., Daniel will be at the LA Modern Auction in Van Nuys; you might want to visit to see Raymond Loewy's custom 1963 Avanti . There is also internet bidding that you can find details in the second link below, where you can register and place your bid.

    You can read more at this link here:


    and see the auction page here:


    I will be there Saturday and Sunday, along with a photographer for a French classic car magazine. We'll be trying to also photograph several other Avantis in the area through Tuesday.

    If you get a chance, stop by the auction in Van Nuys, Calif., at 16145 Hart Steet, Van Nuys, CA 91406

    Apparently $42,500.00 was enough to take it home.

  7. It's been said before but when all else fails, take the hose to your local FLAPS, match the hose to there current inventory (You may need to buy a longer hose to get the correct bends and cut it or add a Gates bushing to reduce a size) but you'll have a hose that looks stock and you'll also have a number to use in the future. That has worked for me on many occasions. Luckily, we still have couple of local stores that let me prowl to find stuff like this.


    Hi Bob, and thanks for the response. The employees at my local flaps try to hide when they see me coming. I don't

    know whether it's me or my car. Anyway, good suggestions, I will continue to look for a hose that fits.

  8. Is there any manufacturers mark or part number on the hose? If so, maybe you can cross it to a brand carried locally. NAPAonline has a function where you enter in another makers part number and it comes up with interchanges for any part they carry with that number...even if not a hose. Even if it was available that way, I wouldn't be surprised if it had to be ordered.

    Sometimes, it just pays to keep a spare "just in case".

    Hi Gunslinger, and thanks for the response. I don't know about SI but the hose from Stude Rich has NO names or

    numbers, an anonymous hose with ends that look like they were cut by hand. I'm not giving up but I do believe

    you're right, always carry a spare.

  9. Thanks in advance for your help. I have a 63 R-2 and I have rebuilt the carb a couple of times because of trash in the fuel line. My problem is, the car runs great with the blower bonnet off but of course it wines real loud. When I put the bonnet on the carb fuel bubbles out of the accelerator pump shaft. I replaced the seal around the shaft. Is there a check valve somewhere that's allowing this pressure into that circuit. I foung the needle under the pump tubes but there was not a new one in the kit. Thanks again Tom

    The R2 carb takes a special kit, which you may not have since most flaps don't know Studebakers or the fact that

    the R1 and R2 carbs do not use the same parts. You might try a marine application for the right seal. Good Luck

  10. Studebaker International carries the upper hose for $19.00. That seems to be the best way to go and you'l know it fits. I have no idea who their source for hoses is but at least it's the correct hose.

    Thanks again Gunslinger, I had hoped to find a hose that is commonly available at a local flaps, for obvious reasons.

    I received the hose, along with a set of valve cover gaskets from Stude Rich 2 days after starting this topic.

    It would be nice to be able to get same day service in the event of an emergency, so I am still hoping for a hose

    that is readily available, if anyone knows of one. Thanks

  11. For those interested in expanding their Studebaker or Avanti collection, a 1963 R2 Avanti originally owned by designer Raymond Loewy, is coming up for auction, Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011 at the Los Angeles Modern Auctions, 16145 Hart St. Van Nuys, CA 91406.

    This Avanti is 63R-3422, an R2/Automatic automobile. More information is available in the following link:

    LA Modern Auctions


    Excellent venue, hope it exceeds their estimate, and goes to a person outside the Studebaker fraternity.

  12. According to Bob Johnstone's website (Bob is a truly under appreciated asset to us), a Gates 20711 or Goodyear 61321 hose will work. There is a note that both require trimming which is small matter. If you can't find a Gates or Goodyear suppler try a cross-referance chart to another brand. I checked NAPAonline and it interchanges with a NAPA NBH 8643.

    Thanks Gunslinger, I always try Bob's site when I'm looking for a part. Unfortunately not all the information on his

    site has been checked for accuracy. The Goodyear 61321 isn't even close, the NAPA 8643 is to small, inside diameter,

    and haven't checked the gates although crossing it to Dayco gives a hose that is also to small ID.

  13. Need help finding the upper radiator hose for a '64 Avanti. Found a Dayco 70623 fits very well on the bottom, and the upper hose on my '63 R2 seems to fit,

    but it has no number to ID it with and I cannot find a match at the local flaps. If you have a recent replacement I would appreciate help with the number

    and brand. Thanks

  14. Many years ago, I got a lot of help from a member of this forum. It's now time to show the results.




    Wow, Wow, Wow. That car is amazing. I thought it was a model looking at the first picture. Time well spent.

    Could you give credit to the person who helped you? Your car could be the nicest Avanti I've ever seen.

    Thanks for the pictures, you've raised the bar.

  15. The cooling fan is a Flex-a-lite 188 Black Magic unit rated at 3300 cfm. With its built-in shroud it's nearly a perfect fit for the Avanti radiator core. The speed shop that installed it fabricated brackets so it looks like a factory installation.

    With the angle that the small block Chevy engine sits, the speed shop owner was a bit concerned about clearance with the crank pulley, but it turned out to have adequate clearance. It was a bit tight working room for him but it all worked out ok.

    Since it's been there the engine temp stays no more than the 180-190 degree range...only once since have I seen the temp reach 200 degrees. I think that's pretty good and very acceptable for any Avanti.


    Thanks Gunslinger, I'll be calling Summit today. BTW, that engine compartment is beautiful, thanks for the pictures.

  16. The repairs look great...the new door fits better than the old door. Heck of a way to get that, though. It's bugging me that I can't put a coat of wax on the car yet...have to make sure the new paint cures fully. I'll have to wait until springtime to take care of that.

    The body shop got an excellent used door and a NOS fender from Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors. The repairs went smoothly...the fiberglass guy at the body shop has 25+ years experience with Corvettes so he wasn't the least bit afraid about what he had to do.

    I ended up having to replace the brake booster and master cylinder...I had a modern booster and a Wilwood master cylinder and the brakes now have a very modern feel to them. At the same time I had an electric fan installed...that makes a great deal of difference in cooling. The speed shop that took care of that made it look like a factory installation.

    Thanks for asking!

    Thank You for being a good Ambassador for Avanti owners. How about some details on your new cooling fan?

  17. Thanks for the tips. I hadn't thought to look at the gauges when cycling the window switch but now you mentioned it, I know what you are speaking of. If no motion on the gauge, likely no energy flowing at all, a deep swing, bound up drive system or major short, slight dip when window is operating normal. If I take a second look, I'll definately try this trick. Now that I think of it, the electric door locks weren't co-operating either.

    I did try pushing down on trunk lid while Paul (the salesman) cycled the switch, perhaps I wasn't agressive enough. Unfortunately there isn't any hatch in the hatshelf to reach through to the latch with a screwdriver.

    I did notice a slight sag on the driver's door when openning it but not the passenger's door. The door closed very easily, no need for a strong pull. Now would be the perfect time to attend to the hinges regarding adjustment.

    I have to admit, the car really did have a stout, vault like feel, we drove over railroad tracks and the car was just as comfortable as my old 6.9 but not nearly as willow-y feeling. There is a real cocoon feel to sitting inside, even with that near white upohlstery. Those Recarro seats aren't too shabby either!

    I had forgotten to mention that the car had been painted 10 years ago. I bet between that era having paint durability problems and (my guess) hog trough isssues that both were done at one time. The car does have a sun roof so there would be reason, also the car was originally from the Carolinas and brought out to So Cal about (if my feable memory serves) about 6 years ago. Supposedly the current (and 2nd) owner is a minority share holder in Autohaus Motors who is brokering the car.

    One advantage this dealer has is they have a workshop with lifts and they offered to schedule a slot of time to put the car up so I could get a close look with a drop light.

    Maybe I being a CASO in training but I'm thinking an opening offer of 7500 with a target of 8500 might be reasonable...


    Sounds like you are talking yourself into making the deal. Your numbers are good, you can always raise your offer.

    Do NOT overlook the steering problem. Take the car to a good front end shop. all the other issues are low dollar

    fixes. Depending on whats wrong, the front end could cost $1K or more, not a good thing to find out when the car

    is yours.

  18. About 12 years ago, I bought a 63 Avanti R2 from Berkeley CA. It had been sitting for 9 years when I bought it. It was barely running then, and I started a restoration when I first bought it. My kids were in preschool then and finally, I just couldn't keep up working on the Avanti and I had to let it sit for a while. Now, the kids are in college, and I've gotten the car back out to start again. There was some wiring damage from squirrels and some nuts stored on the engine, but I'm getting it cleaned up slowly. I chose an amber metallic that looks ok, but the guy that did the job was a drunk and it has a lot of mistakes in it.

    Right now I'm cleaning the front brakes, and getting the chassis sorted out well. After that, the engine gets run in, and I'll setup the trans. The engine was rebuilt in CO, and I pickled it when I stopped working on it. I may have some Avanti specific question in the next few months, hope you all have answers that us noobs come across.

    Welcome to the forum, and welcome back to your project. I also have a '63 R2 / 4 speed, so needless to say your project interests

    me. Don't hesitate to add to your profile and details are always appreciated. Pictures would also be nice. Good Luck

  19. Thinking about a replacement damper for a '64 R1. This engine has a pointer instead of a plate with degree marks and no TDC on the damper.

    Doesn't look like the illustration in the shop manual but I think this is the correct engine for the car. Have not received the build sheet

    but ordered it from SNM. Anyone using an after market damper? Cost? Vendor? Thanks

  20. Hi Ken,

    Starting at the back of the car, try having someone press down on the deck lid while you activate the release, if it opens

    might just be an adjustment issue.

    Take a magnet with you next time you look at the car, should stick to the hog troughs although they sound like aftermarket.

    CHECK the FIT on the doors, and how well they CLOSE.

    The steering is not right and could be anything from a dry steering box to alignment to frame or other damage.

    Good Luck and hope Ernie or gunslinger checks in, two people who know much more about the later models than I. Good Luck

  21. Well, I finally got to drive an Avanti. It's an `85 and is listed on Craigslist. Seller claims only 55k mi and the interior seems to validate the claim. The car is a decent 5-10 footer but then you realize that the repaint was poorly masked and a bit of orange peel. Most of the overspray can be cleaned up and it would not be embaressing to be seen in. The interior is Magnolia white and very nice, decent dash. The car runs good and stops straight.

    There are a few downsides.

    For starters, the hog troughs don't look like the ones I have seen on a couple of Studebakers that I knew were original and sound. There are rather large rivets along the rocker panel at the bottom and several large drainholes. Most concerning is that they sound like they are plastic and flex when pushed on.

    The next problem was that the electric trunk lock fails to open. I can hear the solonoid getting power but it doesn't unlatch. There isn't the hatch to get to the trunk so this is a problem.

    Next, the steering feels a little odd. Mind you, this is the first Avanti I've driven but I have driven a lot of cars with whole lot more miles on their recirculating ball steering boxes and kingpin/trunnion front suspension (mainly 60's & 70's Benzes). What is weird is that while a little slop is a given, most cars will slowly try to wander down the crown of the road to the gutter when your grip on the wheel relaxes or slowly give you some pressure as the car wants to go right and you resist. This one seems as if there is some bind or drag keeping the steering in the near straight position. When coming out of a turn the car does try to straighten out but not with a lot of enthusiasm but on the straight I was literally herding the car on center. Is this normal?

    I'm sure this is a big shock, the a/c needs a recharge. Also, the right window doesn't roll down. Supposedly the switch.

    In the past, the goal was to find a RGA or early RQB. When I asked for advise, there was a broad opinion of what is ideal and I gave it a great more thought. For where I'm at now, the later RQB might actually serve better as my middle son is showing an interest in vintage cars and this might start something. He's seen other Avantis and does seem to see the WOW factor as a draw. He plays sax in a jazz band, go figure...who needs a drummer for marching?

    For those who are interested, here is the dealer's website;


    and the craigslist post


    The usual effort to move the stock came about, "While the advertised price on the window is 12k, we really would like to move it out this month, if you take it as is, we take a couple hundred off the craigslist price of 9995.00...etc.

    So, any thought, warnings...

    Thanks, Ken

  22. The Studebaker Avanti Production Data from the Studebaker National Museum shows that 64 1964 R-1 Avantis with 4-speed were built.

    41 with out air and 23 with air. I don't know what the survival rate is, but this will give you a starting point.

    Hi Regnalbob, and thanks for the information. As it turns out this car has a 3spd with a possible overdrive.

    Not a Studebaker transmission, and no manual control for the overdrive. Ordered the build sheet today, so

    in a month or so will know how it left the factory. Hope to have it running by then.

  23. Hello everyone,

    I am desperately looking for an original Firestone 6.70 x 15 NON DOT spare tire for my Avanti (with the 1" white wall). If anyone has one or knows of one for sale PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thank you


    Hi Greg, let me know if you are still looking for a tire

  24. Do you know of any others for sale in WA? I'm in NW Washington.


    Hi Harvey, the last good deal I found on an Avanti was listed on Seattle Craigslist.

    You don't say whether you are looking for a project or driver. If you could say what

    you were looking for it would be helpful for anyone reading this.

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