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  1. Well that is one of the things that Altman messed up! I think part of the problem they faced was the way the SBC engine fits in the car. There is vary little clearance to the hood even with the front of the body raised compared to the Studebaker.

  2. This is just speculation but educated speculation. A 340 cu in Studebaker would most likely have better low end torque than either an R2 or R3. Being that the heads would have been the same as the R3 heads the maximum horsepower would have been more than an R2 but less than an R3. So it would have felt strong off the line.

    The 400 cu in SBC in the Avanti IIs had bad heads and cams. They ran ok to about 4000 rpm and then fell very flat. If you have an original it needs better heads and a different cam to wake it up.

  3. The guy in the article who drives the 65 Austin Healy 3000 is somewhat optimistic about the performance of his vehicle. I have worked on and driven a number of AH 3000's. They were fun to drive but the power wasn't great (had good torque but not too much HP) and the handling wasn't the best. It was fun to drive however as it was very easy to control in a slide.

    Maybe his only experience was with 6 cyl Studebaker sedans! Back 35+ years ago I just wanted guys driving AH 3000's to move over to make passing easy.

    Having said that I always liked the AH 3000.

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