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  1. It is not the valve size that is important it is actually the flow capacity. In the dyno software if you put in flow numbers at a particular valve size and then change the valve size the program scales the flow up based on the increased valve size.

    Of course the Paxton blower will never reach 14 psi. The program also looks at the temperature affects and that may be why you don't see any increase in power at 14 psi vs the 8 psi.

  2. The fact that it is old will not affect how high it can rev. I wouldn't worry about going to 6500 rpm. The real problem is that at 8K rpm the big end of the rod is weak and goes oval under load. This can lead to pinching the crank and spinning a rod.

  3. Don't even consider it!

    Not only is load on the bolts increased because of moving the weight forward but you would have to use the transmission screw holes to mount to the stand. Because they are closer together than the bell housing holes you would use this will also increase the forces on the screws.

  4. You have to remember that the R3 heads are not all equal. Although the drawings call for porting many or perhaps most of the engines sold by Paxton were most likely not ported. This could have resulted in a 10 to 20% increase in flow. Based on flow for an unported R3 head with the R3 cam 330 hp is about right. A ported R3 head with R3 cam would be close to 400 hp.

    So was Brad's engine with ported heads or not and which "R3" cam did it have?

  5. They are more or less standard size. The bearings that Studebaker used are the same as, for example, some Chevy's and Fords. Therefore the bore in the hub is the same and therefore the caps will fit. You may find that the replacement caps are a little tighter than your old Studebaker dust caps.

  6. But, I doubt more than two cars utilized them.

    There were more than two but not many. Those changes were made to increase the camber gain while cornering and lower the front a little with standard spring height.

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