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  1. Welcome to our community. My 78 Avanti RQB2772.

    The steering is a common issue. If it's way loose you

    Will have over a qtr play of no response. I pulled mine

    And had Nostalgic rebuild the entire column. Lot better

    Now. My engine is the GM 305 with auto. Changed

    In the early 90s from the 350. Good Luck with your II.

  2. My 78 II long metal engine hood prop is badly rusting and loose. I can

    Order new BOLTS from SI catalog but cannot find a replacement shaft.

    Need a HEAVY DUTY shaft that hopefully won't rust. Where can

    I find ? It's located on the passenger side of the engine.

    Thx, Jerry

  3. Having that intermitt issue again on my 78 II auto. Nothing happens in PARK when I turn the key.

    Have to unlock the steering column and start in Neutral. Is this a STARTER CUT-OUT problem

    On the floor mounted area. If so, how bad a job to swap out with a new one I can order

    From the Stud Intl catalog for around $90?

    Thx, Jerry

  4. Thanks for the quick reply Bob. Your Right. The Rav 4 is not the correct tow vehichle. My buddy says to tell uhaul I will tow my Bro 2003 Mustang and that will pass their test. Will their 18 ft.drive-on flatbed be ok for an Avanti or do I need a 20 ft. trailer.

  5. Heading to 2012 meet this July in South Bend from Ft. Lauderdale. Stayin at the Host INN hotel.

    Its a long 22 hour drive. Would like to take the 78 Avanti II. My bro says lets rent a 18 Ft. Uhaul car hauler and use his 2008 Toyota Rav4 with the hitch he has installed. Not sure what his tounge wgt is on that hitch and whether his V6 will have issues towing the Avanti . Any incites/tips would be appreciated.

  6. Well, the 78 Avanti II RQB2772 is ready to roll again. Was in the garage last 6 months out-of-action.

    Last week put a new battery and drove to my local speed shop ( Peak Performance in Sunrise, Fla.) for needed repairs. Rad had a hole and needed recore and repair. Pulled that damn leaky power steering unit( looks like a shock absorber) and had Jon Meyers send us a replacement with all new hoses.

    Motor mounts needed replac, tuned-up and minor detailing of engine.

    The sun roof is stuck and won't move. So the replace exterior seal kit I bought last year from Nostolgic will wait till I find a local Avanti owner who knows what to do. Need 2 new front tires and a wheel alignment.

    Headin to Friday Nights Car Show at the Twin Towers in Ft. Lauderdale.

  7. Last month, my mechanic pulled from my 78 Avanti II, the Steering box, Pitman Arm and Control valve. Took them about 2 hours to get it out. Not sure what they used. Didn't want to hang around and watch. We packed it all up and shipped to Dan at Nostalgic. He rebuilt the Control Valve for the same price. We thought my worm gear was worn in the box. But, Dan said no. He cleaned up the Pitman and box and reshipped back. No more leak and the "wandering" steering is gone. Not rack and pinion but alot better than it was.

  8. Nice looking convert. The Buy Me price of $49K is probably close to the Reserve Price.

    A while back on EBAY was that Red 2007 Convert from the Detroit area. Think the Buy now price was around $49k also. Not sure what happened to that Ebay bid. Anyone know the status of that Avanti ?



    PS - Bruce, Hope you can clear all that snow this weekend from your Driveway. It's nice and warm down here in Ft. Lauderdale area. Might wash both cars today in my Driveway.

  9. Thanks for the history lesson Bruce. I assume this vehicle is stuck on the 2nd floor museum in Cancun? Barrett Jackson would love to showcase this across their network of auctions. Could bring a big price. How about Andy Granatelli driving it to the podium.. Would be awesome.

  10. Does anyone know how many unfinished 2007 Avanti's are locked up in Cancun?

    Are these 2007 Mustang frame/engines just sitting there waiting for resurrection?

    I assume all the body molds are there also.

    Hope that the Mex govt and justice dept will release all back to states and those of us interested in finishing these cars. Releasing the 2nd floor museum cars back to the U.S. needs to be done.

  11. The performance shop that does all my work will lower the car. He's uneasy about removing spacers. Prefers to order a set of new springs to do that from Jegs or Summit or other vendor and just replace using existing spacers.

    Is it just a matter of counting the number of existing coils and then measure 2in reduction - probably 1 coil?

  12. Good info Bruce, thanks.

    I may decide to pull the springs and not pay a shop to remove a coil but buy 2 new ones with one less coil. Is it just a matter of counting the no. of existing coils and purchasing a new set with the one less size ? Also, how bad a job is it to remove a set of springs and re-install a new set? I assume I should replace any old bushings, if any.

    I know the geometry of the front steering will be effected, but a new alignment will help. I do not race or heavy corner my Avanti. Just go to the local car shows on the weekend. Top highway speed is 65 about 10-20 miles per weekend. No long trips. I would rather trailer the Avanti if I go out of Fla. on the back of my 21 ft. Motorhome ( about 8 miles/gallon doing this - VERY EXPENSIVE gas trips).

  13. Back on the road again. No more "wandering" in the steering.

    Front end alignment next and then done.

    Next project - new black vinyl interior and new front seats.

    Install new front springs to lower Avanti about 2 in.

    I hate the current Rake on the 78.

    Anybody know what size springs I should get to replace the current factory set

    and where to order from ?

    Thanks, Jerry

  14. Monday Update:

    The rebuilt control valve/pitman arm reappeared this past weekend from Nostalgic. No changes were made to the Steering Box as Dan said it was fine. The re-install is just about finished and tomorrow is D-Day for a test drive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Dan says a Great improvement in the Steering will be felt with the wandering eliminated. Here's hoping....

  15. Bruce is totally correct on avoiding the use of DOT 5 in our Avanti's. When my 78 II master cylinder died and leaked fluid, my master mechanic installed a new GM Master Cylinder and filled with DOT 3. He said under no circumstances use DOT 5 in these cars. DOT 5 "eats" rubber, gaskets and causes bubbles, as stated by Bruce.

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