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  1. Bruce,

    Thanks for the info. I have the latest AutoMeter Catalog.

    They show models for Full Sweep MECHANICAL guages and Full Sweep ELECTRICAL gauges.

    Which gauge type should I use - Mechan or Elect ?

    Also, like your metal trim on the Brake and accel pedal. Was that spec ordered from a vendor ?


  2. Joe, I noticed from your pic that new white/black gauges were installed. They look great. Since my dash will be pulled, might as well upgrade my orig with new modern ones. Any issues doing this using existing frame. Jegs has many style gauges listed in their cat. Not sure what model# are for an Avanti. Maybe you or Bruce can provide me some info. Also, should I go with led lighting ?

  3. The performance/restoration shop is located in Sunrise, Fla ( sub of FT. Lauderdale ). Been there since 1987.

    They just finished Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins 67 Elanore Mustang. An incredible job on

    the interior, new Rousch engine ( $ 38K) and body work. It's probably pocket change for Jason ( about $ 175K so far) for this project. Seen other interior work over the past 3 years on much lower value cars such as my Avanti and its top noch. I do not have the ability nor the space to do this myself. Also, I received this info about new seats:

    "I thought about either the ProCar Rally or Elite seats as well. ProCar told me the adapters for installing seats in the Avanti can be provided by them price is $99 per seat. Once you get them in your car take some pics and also comment on how well you can slide in under steering wheel and whether or not the side wings on seat bottoms make getting in and out difficult."

    Bruce has been thru all of this with his 1970. Like he says, quality work and materials are not cheap. No leather for me. Vinyl will do.

    PS - The new Grant Wood Classic steering wheel was installed today and it looks great.

  4. My local pro Interior shop gave me the following rough estimate to redo the 78 Avanti II ( with a sun roof) from white vinyl to black vinyl.

    $4,200 OUCH !!!! These guys do outstanding work and charge accord.

    I will order new Black carpet from SI and drop off.

    I will order two new front Black Vinyl seats ( Procar) from Jegs ( about $350 per seat) and have deliveredd to shop. My front Camaro seats will be junked.

    They will redo all inter in Black vinyl and existing Back seats. The dash will be resprayed to Black. New rubber installed around Sun Roof ( I already ordered from Nostalgic - $ 95 ).

  5. He claims that they will not resolve my "wandering" problems and could make matters worse. But, his wife's 78 Avanti II has them installed. I an now very confused. Most owners who had them installed, show no issues. Since I now went 30 days from my orig purchase date, SI will charge me a 20 % restocking fee, if I return. I still may change my mind and have the shop install anyway since everything is apart in the steering area.

    What do you think Bruce ?

  6. Monday Update:

    Dan called from Nostalgic. The Steering Box is ok, no issues. The problem is the Control Valve near the Pitman arm. A part is cracked and an extra sleeve was incorrectly installed. He will rebuild and send everything back to my performance shop Wednesday. Per Dan's advice, I will NOT install the quick ratio steering arms. Will return to SI, unopened in their orig shipping box for credit to my acct.

    Also, will not dye the white interior to Black. Too much can go wrong using dye throughout the interior and sun roof area. The Grant steering should arrive end week for install this weekend.

  7. From the Jegs site. Will go with this since I'm getting the GRANT CLASSIC

    3196 - Grant Steering Wheel Installation Kits Details

    Grant Standard Style Installation Kit for Classic, Clhallenger, and Signature Series Steering Wheels

    1970-88 AMC (All Exc. Alliance, Encore)

    1976-95 CJ5, CJ6, CJ7, Wrangler, Cherokee, Wagoneer, Pick-up, Scrambler, Commanche

    1974-75 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Pick-up

    1969-93 Buick All Models

    1969-94 Chevy Cars and 1974-94 Trucks, SUV's, 82-94 Vans

    1978-81 Chrysler Corp. w/Tilt Wheel

    1979-81 Tilt col. 2WD & 4WD Pick-Ups, Trailduster, Ramcharger, Dakota, Van

  8. Update:

    Dan at Nostalgic said my mailed package just showed up this morning. Will work on it Sunday ( amazing that anyone is that dedicated to our Avanti cause ). Says the quick ratio steering arms will have no effect on correcting the wandering. May make things worse. Not sure why. Since I already paid for them, might as well install anyway with a rebuilt box or a new one ( if he has it in stock). If pitman arm and control valve bad, he will rebuild. Went over to shop to check on Avanti. It's sitting inside all alone and waiting. Decided now may be a good time to work on converting those terrible Camaro seats and all-white interior to better seats and all Black interior with a GRANT wooden Steering wheel. The white vinyl is just faded. May decide to dye with Black color instaed of a total replace. Is this a good idea? It's a lot cheaper to do it this way.

    Till then, I'm using the 63 GT Hawk for all shows.

  9. I checked both Summit Racing and Jegs catalog and they both show a Grant Walnut finished 3 spoke steering wheel. They both say an adapter kit is needed . My 78 Avanti II has the black factory wheel on the Chrysler column with the Avanti button for the horn ring. So, what adapter kit do I need? I see no mention of a kit for my Avanti or my 63 GT hawk.

    Thx, Jerry

  10. Latest update.

    The steering box was pulled from the car and sent out to a "specialist". He took one look and said he did not want to take the shaft apart on fear he could not locate parts, if needed. So, I called Dan at NOSTALGIC in Michigan and he said to box the unit up with the pitman arm still connected to the control valve, overnight it to him and he will give a look. He knows what will be needed after a 15 minute look.

    To be Continued.....

  11. The bad steering/handling I am concerned with is the 1/4 turn free play in the Steering wheel and

    the drifting of the vehicle out-of lane. I need to keep both hands on the wheel and concentrate with no distractions. The 1/4 freeplay is scary when driving close to the curb lane or in heavy traffic. Hopefully, it's a worn out Worm gear causimg this. I'm not too concerned about the turn radius.

  12. My Quick Ratio Steering Arms arrived today from Stud Intl ( $115 pair).

    A sticker says " Made In China "

    Should I be concerned ????

    We plan to work on the bad steering on my 78 Avanti II next month. The Steering column is

    Chrysler and the Steering Box looks like a 67 Dodge Truck unit. The WORM gear is shot. Might as well put the new steering arms on in addition.

    In anyone has any "lessons learned" on this repair, let me know.

    Thanks, Jerry.

  13. It's time to rebuild the bad steering on the 78 Avanti II with power steering.

    Looking for Steering Box and worm gear.

    Was told to also ge a pair of Quick Steering arms from SI ( $115 pair).

    Car has 2 year old new shocks, king pins etc. We tightened as much, the steering box

    but the Avanti still wanders with upto a 1/4 wheel looseness. Getting to be scary driving on bad roads.

    Hard to stay in one lane without drifting over, at times.

    Has anyone these parts in their possession for sale or any lessons learned from this type of repair.



  14. My mechanic says the Steering Box on my 78 II appears to be a Dodge truck unit from the 60's.

    The worm gear is worn adding to the loose wheel syndrome. He tightned the box as much as he could and it handles better but he says it still needs to be rebuilt or replaced. He says about a $300 job for labor hours.

  15. My 78 Avanti II also leaks abit from the PS unit. I use stop leak every now and then. Do not want to pull the unit and have someone rebuild. Too much time, $ and a pain to do. Noticed my Pitman unit "moves" when the sterring wheel is turned. A friend told me this causing the crappy loose steering. We tightened the steering box and it helped a little bit. But, the Parm may be the reason. I hope this Pittman arm unit is easy to tightn up. Already replaced the front shocks, rebuilt the king pins and tie rods replaced 2 years ago. It still steers crappy. This is my last hope on finding what's wrong. Any other ideas from someone would be helpfull.

  16. This is all great info but I see too many potential problems with a stock Avanti II. Will stick with the current Rake. Here is my long term concept and I know you PURIST will hate this.

    " Convert my current stock looking Avanti II to a modern looking SUPERSTREET with a killer looking front-end Custom fiberglass Body kit, side kit and rear kit. Car lowered all around with 17 in wheels and mags, Candy Apple Red custom paint with Racing Stripes, all new interior and dash with modern guages and most impotratnt, a complete new modern up-to-date front-end suspension/ steering and 4 wheel disc brakes."

    I doubt if I can find a shop to take on this project. Never seen one in any of the custom car mags. It could be a first and gain national attention. Maybe Chip Foose would like to try this on an Avanti in his shop.


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