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  1. My 78 Avanti II with its GM 305 engine and Edelbrock manifold/4 barrell carb would also look alot better if I lowered the front about 2 in. The front rake looks bad to me. Doing that by replacing the front springs or cutting 1 coil from the middle will cause the air cleaner to hit the top of the hood. There is no clearance. Maybe someone has done this and cutout a hood scoop or purchased an Avanati hood with a scoop already there. Any issues with this and where can I find a fiberglass hood scoop that will look ok on my orig Avanti hood. Hope it won't cause cracks in the fiberglass hood.

    Here is my engine photo:


  2. Bruce,

    If you do accidentally mix a small amount of DOT 3 with DOT 5 Silicone, what is the worst case scenario ? Can you look into the Master cylinder and see any difference in color if the two are mixed ? I may have done this last week after I noticed one of the chambers half filled and could not tell what type of fluid was there. When I poured in the DOT 3, I noticed its color was abit different. Will the brake pedal pressure indicate this bad mix in any way ? I only added a small amount. Should I have the fluid drained and lines bled with new DOT 5 added to play safe ?

    Also, My 78 II does not have disc brakes in the rear. Is it worthwhile to convert over ?I saw the ad from JIM TURNER Brake interchange kits. What's your opinion. B)



  3. Every bit of positive publicity helps our cause. We still get very little respect out there.

    Also, this Sunday we're bringing our Avanti's to the local car show sponsored by the South Fla. Corvette Club at Ed Morse Chevrolet dealer grounds. My buddy Ed may bring his 1964 R4 - ( TWIN PAXTON SUPER !!! ) to show them Chevy owners a true legend. B)

  4. The tires are P205/70R15.

    Not sure about hand rubbing coats. It was repainted 4 months ago near Las Vegas.

    The Rake is too high for me in the front. Would like to lower, but no heating springs or cutting the coil to lower about 1 inch. The Edelbrock 4 barrell carb unit has a triangle chrome air cleaner. Lowering needs to take that into consideration so hood will close.

  5. James. Welcome aboard the journey. My 78 Avantii II also has that sunroof. My leak stems from going thru a car wash and the water came thru the tops of the side windows from the high pressure of the spray. The sunroof was not the cause. Therefore, always hand wash and and keep the hose spray away from the side windows as best as possible. I never use the sunroof.

    Jerry - RQB-2772

  6. It would have been interesting if Bill Mitchell and the Cancun team could have shown the new 2007 Avanti at this show. Hopefully, some needed worldwide press will help the Avanti cause and get the interest generated that the company is still building and selling the Big A.

    Happy Holidays to all,

    Jerry - Owner 1978 Avanti II RQB2772

  7. My 78 II has a 305 GM motor with points and condensor ignition system. Would like to convert over to a solid state system. Any usefull tips, brands and lessons learned would be helpfull. Thanks.

    Also, has anyony ever lowered the front end abit on an Avanti. It sits too high for me. Will not heat the springs. Too dangerous to the metal, Any ideas would be helpfull.

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