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  1. Following. I've picked up a Holley Sniper system and a complete PerTronix distributor and CDI. Have yet to install it, a few other projects ahead of it but that's the plan this spring.
  2. I put a set on order back in March, at the end of June contacted Pat and was told they'd received the test articles from the manufacturer and had a couple minor changes to make. Sent an email to Pat at the end of August for an update and it's been all crickets since then. Normally I'd find this kind of thing from vendors to be unacceptable but I've learned (this is my first Studebaker) that this the SOP for the Studebaker world. The wheels on the website look fantastic, I hope all this is worth the wait. I'm going to be very disappointed with myself if this ends up being a dead-end and I end up ordering Holley Vintage wheels after waiting so long.
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