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  1. It needs paint and interior. there's also a myriad of small stuff to take care of, but I hope to have lots of time to do it. The previous owner added the side exhaust rockers. Not sure if I'll keep them or not. Kinda growing on me
  2. I just turned 71. I have been drooling and dreaming and fantasizing over the Avanti since I was 13. Coincidentally, the same year they came out. I have been watching Ebay for many years looking for just the right car for me. Out of the blue, my son found it on Kijiji and it was only an hour and a half away from me, in Coburg, Ontario. I hesitated, but after thinking for some time, I pulled the trigger and bought it! It's a 1971, white on black, with some aftermarket stuff on it. Currently not running, but it's had a lot of work done to it. Apparently it needs only to have the exhaust and some minor tuning done and then it will run. We are driving up tomorrow to check it out and then next week I'll make room in my barn and bring it home. Plans are to make a restomod out of it. New paint(candy red, emerald green, or copper: I haven't decided) and a new tan leather interior. Im near retirement, but depending on finances it will eventually get a new chassis and a Chevy LS engine. I haven't been this excited in several years!!
  3. Hi all. I am looking to buy a 72 Avanti. The current owner says he has all the parts to convert the car from rectangular to round headlights. HE considers these parts to be worth $2000 CDN. First, how much trouble is it to replace the front "grille", and second is that a reasonable price? Is this conversion popular, rare, difficult? Thank you for your help
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