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  1. My bad! Yeah, I got the two posts crossed. Steve went through the same thing that I did. When it comes to upholstery, I don’t even shop around for price. I shop for a sure thing and one that does quality work. Interesting enough is that since my problem with a referral on interior, my cars are dropped off and done in around four weeks.
  2. Uh wait, You said you got stiffed for $1083 from a scammer! But you say $700 was too pricey a few months ago. I’ve been through the same thing you have, with the exception of that I filed a dispute on my credit card and got a full refund. I find Studebaker International to be a pretty good bunch to deal with. At least you wouldn’t lose sleep at night wondering if you’re going to get what you paid for. Robert
  3. If you look near the bottom, he listed his contact number in the same #17 post for you to call and order your wheels! Good luck Ron
  4. It’s been a long wait, but my Halibrand wheels have finally arrived. Now to get the tires switched over. These will be installed on my 1964 Studebaker Avanti.
  5. It was probably part of the metal stamping process! It wouldn’t be don after the fact. If you need to replicate it. I would get an air chisel and blunt the end. Put on your ear protection and take your time moving metal. I would try without heat to start with. I believe it will move with some patience.
  6. Yes, you’ll need to replicate it unless you’re doing custom steering.
  7. Yes, this concave is supposed to be there!!! It is to allow clearance for the pitman arm. The same on my 1964, 1970 and 1981 Avantis.
  8. 1inxs

    Seat Foam?

    You’re welcome! I’ve never known or worked for an upholstery shop that ever considered looking for a pre made foam for any make or model car, boat, plane or semi tractor. We purchase foam with proper density and made our foam using an electric knife to carve it. I’m sure if you keep looking, you’ll find a professional upholsterer that won’t question the job. Drop it off and let them get it done. I just had a thought come to mind. Are you planning to do the job on your own using pre made seat covers and pre made foam?
  9. You purchased the brake booster for a 60s/70s Mopar? Have you installed it yet? It should have a different bolt pattern that is not compatible to the Studebaker and therefore will need fabricating. Maybe post a picture of it mounted and connected in your original Studebaker.
  10. 1inxs

    Seat Foam?

    There really isn’t any reason to reproduce the seat foam. It is a simple seat form and like many makes you just glue and cut the new foam from stock foam dimensions.
  11. Thanks for you reply! I have attached my original question! An air bubble in the RAM was my question. This technology isn’t so different from other car power steering technology. I own 3 Avantis and only this one has the dangerous squirrely steering. Maybe it’s time to part this one out! Or take it out in a field film it as I burn it. Maybe my video would go viral, Lol! Most the guys that knew how to work on these have passed away and it’s getting tough to keep them on the road.
  12. You’ll be back on the road in no time! Keep us updated and post back here with your success and progress.
  13. Zedman, Before I found the company that affordable did the quick and super rebuild on my booster, I almost purchased the 1970-1974 Mopar brake booster to install. You need to fabricate a mounting plate that bolts to the original boosters modified (cut short) mounting studs and have properly positioned studs welded in place on the plate. This may be right up your ally in the Down Under! Good Luck on whatever direction you go Robert
  14. I haven’t pulled my manuals out yet. What does the adjusting nut do? I can be at any random point in the curve, when without warning the car darts to the inside. That’s why I mentioned air lock. A large air bubble trapped in the center of the ram, that randomly allows the shaft to move to the pressure side.
  15. Great! I really appreciate the direction. I’ll see if any of my manuals address the adjustment and will look to resolving the problem. Darting is a good word for what I’m dealing with. Thank you Robert
  16. Kodjo, A front end alignment shop as well as myself have had it on a lift and other than a couple bushings, It appears that everything is tight in the steering and front end! Mfg, can you elaborate on that? What is the process for adjusting? Thanks Guys
  17. I have been dealing with an issue with erratic steering in my 1981 Avanti II. When I purchased the car, it had leaked much if not all of the fluid. After adding the fluid, I rotated the steering wheel back and forth until the pump quieted. On the test drive it would drive fine and as I entered a mild bend in the road, where without warning would pull sharper to the inside of the curve. It does it in a left or right curve. Has anyone experienced this and is it possible to have an air lock in the steering ram? It appears that everything is tight in the steering and front end! Your help would be appreciated. Robert
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