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  1. I am looking for the interior Faux wood grain trim pieces on the console of my 64 Avanti R1 automatic trans.(if it differs from manual). I would prefer to find some NOS. I know I can buy similar pieces for shelf lining but would prefer original. Any ideas?

  2. I am seeking to find a competent shop to remove my dash on my 64 R1 with A/C. I need someone that won't butcher the job. I need to troubleshoot the A/C & defroster hoses,and replace them with new ones. There also may be some cable issues that may need looking into( probably lubrication or adjustment). I live in Western Washington state and am looking for someone there or in Western Oregon. Anyone have any thought, recommendations, or experiences  with someone in this specific area. I just had back surgery, so I am not capable of accomplishing this task. Thanks in advance,  Alan Blalock

  3. Does anyone have knowledge or experience in removing a stock radio from an Avanti. My car is a 64 R1, and I need to remove it and have it repaired. Experience is always important, and I have heard some stories about being able to take out the unit through the speaker on the top of the dash, but I obviously don"t want to damage anything or get stuck in a situation I cannot get out of.Thanks for any TRUE LIFE EXPERIENCES.


  4. I am hopelessly looking for a new set of ring & pinion gears for my 64 R1. The ratio I am looking for is 3.08 to 1. Some people have offered to  sell the entire rear end assembly,but all are too far from me to make it feasible. Does anyone know of a source? None of the Studebaker vendors have them, so I am looking for the possibility that someone has a new set at home looking for a new owner. I have disregarded sets of used gears for the simple fact they are used. Any help would be appreciated.  Thank You.

  5. I am looking for a complete axle to axle differential unit with 3:31 true trac. I presently have a 3:73 unit. I am looking for a unit that would be somewhere west of the Rockies, or near there. I have found one in North Carolina,but shipping costs are prohibitive at the moment. I would also be approving of a trade of sorts if somebody was interested in my unit. If you or any friends have what I am looking for please contact me. I am open to suggestions, as long as it fits a 64 Avanti, and is in good operating condition. Thank you Alan Blalock

  6. I have a 1964 Avanti R1, and it came without a dashpot. I am presently trying to figure out how to install this on the car. I purchased it after I was having stall problems on deceleration(sp) I looked in my repair and maintenance manual and online but cannot find an image or satisfactory explanation of how and where to install it. Dows anyone know where I may find help? Thank you in advance. Alan Blalock

  7. Thanks Jeff. I feel somewhat stupid not knowing the differential was part of a complete unit. I thank you for that information. I just got several quotes a for shipping, and it is cost prohibitive. $1000.00 is a fair price. I am going to think hard about how I may be able to find a way to get this all the way across the country. If you would be so kind,can you forward me your e-mail address so that I may get in touch with you if I find a way to pull this off? Regards, Alan Blalock

  8. Thanks Jeff. Is this a true trac or what is commonly called a positraction rearend? Would you be interested in selling only the differential unit(The pumpkin)?  I am in Washington State.  If we can agree on a sale price on differential unit alone, I have an option on shipping it. I formerly owned a crating and shipping company(Craters&Freighters) in Seattle. There is a Craters&Freighters in Greensboro, and I could have them handle the shipping. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Jeff. If you care to call, my number is 831-331-1993

  9. Greetings, I am looking for a vendor for a complete differential change. My 64' Avanti has a 3:73 ratio, and I am hoping I may find a complete unit that has a 3:31 or A 3:07 ratio, along with it being a twin-track unit. Does anyone know of a source that supplies these units as say a rebuilt unit,rather than a remove and rebuild situation. Thanks in advance for any help.  Alan Blalock

  10. Thanks to all for the information. It looks to me that  the way to go is replacing with new Avanti rotors. It makes more sense to me to keep the car stock, than to start mixing and matching parts. Thanks for the opinions and information. It is so wonderful to have a site like this where owners love to help each other,and keep the Avanti dream alive. After 3 decades of restoring and repairing cars of all types, this forum is the BEST by far.  Regards Alan Blalock

  11. Good day. I am asking the "Gods of Knowledge" for a favor,and advise. I am replacing the front brakes on my 1964 Avanti R1,and am looking for new brake rotors. Since NOS stock price is $160.00 each, I am seeking other options. Somewhere down the line,and maybe even on this forum I thought I heard of an OEM replacement that would be a direct fit(Mustang?). If a aftermarket replacement could be a direct fit including the Hub Assembly that would be a bonus. Of course clearance would be an important component. Has anyone experienced an interchangeable part, that is suitable? If so would you be so kind as to advise me of the Manufacturer, and the part number? A one piece rotor with hub assembly would be the ideal situation, as the NOS Avanti is a rotor without the hub assembly. I can press out the hub, but don't really want to go through that process if I can find an alternative. Thanks for any assistance you may provide.  Alan Blalock  831-331-1993  Gig Harbor, Washington

  12. I saw your request from years ago and am wondering if you found a mechanical fuel pump and what the manufacturer is and the parts number. I am having problems locating one. Thanks. Alan Blalock,crateboy@comcast.net

  13. I am looking for a mechanical fuel pump for my 1964 Avanti with a 289. Many people are telling me a Carter #M2211  will fit. I called Carter Automotive direct and they tell me it fits an early to late 50's 289, but don't know if it is the same block as my 1964. Can anyone tell me without a doubt that they have installed this pump on a later 289? I don't really feel like buying one if I have to return it.  Thanks in advance.







  14. Good morning. I am trying to determine what part#801929 fits on my 1964 Avanti. It is a feltlike material that came along with additional spare parts when I purchased the vehicle.I have Googled it to no avail. Any ideas how I may search this out?  Thank you in advance. Alan Blalock

  15. Good morning. I have a 1964 Avanti that was a repaint from a previous owner. It is now Maroon, that appears to be a original color. I am looking for a paint supplier that can match this color in a rattle can. The areas in question are not entirely in clear view, but it would be nice to have them appear to be the same color. Thank you in advance. Alan Blalock

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