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  1. Can someone help me with how to remove the knobs on the center console that control the heat-defrost-vents etc. on my 64 Avanti? I thought they were removed by an allen wrench, but I think I am mistaken. Anyone know?
  2. I am looking for the interior Faux wood grain trim pieces on the console of my 64 Avanti R1 automatic trans.(if it differs from manual). I would prefer to find some NOS. I know I can buy similar pieces for shelf lining but would prefer original. Any ideas?
  3. I am seeking to find a competent shop to remove my dash on my 64 R1 with A/C. I need someone that won't butcher the job. I need to troubleshoot the A/C & defroster hoses,and replace them with new ones. There also may be some cable issues that may need looking into( probably lubrication or adjustment). I live in Western Washington state and am looking for someone there or in Western Oregon. Anyone have any thought, recommendations, or experiences with someone in this specific area. I just had back surgery, so I am not capable of accomplishing this task. Thanks in advance, Alan Blalock
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