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  1. They are Radials designed to look like bias ply.  Perhaps I said it inartfully but what I was trying to let you know that my Avanti drives great on the regular bias tires and there is very little improvement with the radial tire.  The Avanti drive and handles very well with the bias plys better than any old car I have ever owned.

  2. Does anyone know if there was a service letter or any brochure that showed the Halibrand Mag Wheels as a dealer installed option.  I am going to sow at an AACA event and they are bound to question the Halibrand wheels.

  3. Two Avanties are going to sold at RM's fall Auburn event.  One is the Roger Ward prize car from the 62 Indianapolis 500 and the other is an real R3 it is the next to last Avanti built and I think the last one sold to the  public.   I know both cars and would say they are 2+ or better.  I hope they do well. 

  4. I was somewhat shocked to see the R2 sold at RM's Fort Lauderdale sale bring the money it did, $104,500.00 with the fee.  It was a custom done by someone who installed a Targa Top on R-2833 "in the style of Raymond Loewy".  It also had an aftermarket AC unit added where the surge tank would usually be though the interior work looks factory.  Though the car look OK from a fast horse I think it is far from perfect, no pictures from underneath at all.  I would have guessed this car to go for  a lot less but it goes to show you never know with auctions.  

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