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  1. Do we know for sure that the Blake bumpers and later versions thru 2007 are Composite and or SMC?  To me, not being knowledgeable  about this, they appear to be just fiberglass like the rest of the body. Just curious.

  2. Some very inexpensive OBD code readers like the Autel model MS309 will display the vehicles original VIN number. This is how I was able to determine the Ford VIN on my 06 Avanti. What I am not sure of is if the 87-88 Monte Carlo has the type of computer that accepts an OBD scanner. You might want to look near the bottom of the dash on drivers side to see if it has the multi pin female receptacle for the scanner.

  3. It is a "test switch" to make sure the red brake warning light on the dash is functioning. When you press the switch the warning light should light up. If it doesn't, check the bulb or the wiring. This warning light is there to alert you of low brake line pressure caused a leak in the system.

  4. R3 Forward- I think I am correct in that the last two digits of the VIN  numbers did not start over again at 1 for the 2007 models but continued on from from the last numbered 2006 model. So if we are in the ballpark of a combined total of (30) 2006 and 2007 cars built, then yours is the 19th of 30 produced. Studegary -If your question of what is the 10th digit of my Ford VIN number was directed to me, it is a 5 meaning it was a 2005 Mustang prior to conversion, yet my Avanti is considered a 2006 based on it's Avanti VIN number.

  5. Sounds like you had the same problem as I had with my 2006 coupe - no AM reception. I ended up making an antenna using #14 insulated solid copper wire and hiding it under and around the outer perimeter of the rear window shelf.  It works pretty well. Originally, there appeared to be some type of hidden antenna under the dash which may or may not have had an amplifier. It was impossible to reach or clearly see it. Whatever it was; it was either defective or never did work. Is this what you found on your convertible?

  6. Ed, Beautiful car. Is your car bra available from a supplier who may have kept the patterns, so they could make future ones, or did you make it yourself?  It looks great and I would sure like to purchase one.  Regarding your VIN number, I think you may be looking at the Ford VIN. If it begins with 1ZV, that is the Ford VIN. If your car also has an Avanti VIN number it will begin with 1A9 and the last 2 digits with be the production number. Both numbers may be located on the drivers door jamb. John Hull in his book states approximately 38 Mustang based cars were built, so yours being the last one should have a VIN ending around 38, although as previously noted the cars may not have been completed in exact order as VIN numbers were assigned prior to the cars being built.



  7. California Car Cover Co custom made one for my 2006 coupe. They supply you with an information form to fill out,  where you supply the necessary dimensions. The fit is pretty good. They may have retained the dimensions but yours being a convertible wil require you to use the form. If you choose to have mirror pockets you must sew those in place yourself. I chose to not have pockets and the cover just drapes over the mirrors. They have a number of different fabrics and colors to select. I like their "Dustop", however this is for inside use only. I recall the price was in the $300.00 dollar range.

  8. On 2/5/2019 at 9:03 PM, edprize said:

    I have the last Avanti manufactured in Cancun. The airbag update went very smoothly.

    Ed, If your car has an Avanti VIN number, I am curious what the last two digits are which will reveal how many 2006-2007 cars were produced.  How about a picture also?  Also, how were you able to determine it was the last car produced? Thanks.

  9. The long end goes to the back of the car. I believe the latch itself is plenty strong. Maybe yours had bad welds and with better weld beads it will be just fine. I did find the lock part that is mounted on  the firewall to not be very secure so I added fender washers on both sides of the firewall which gave the lock more contact area with the firewall and is now very secure. Also the lock had such a strong spring inside of it, it required a lot of force pushing down on the hood to engage it so I replaced it with a lighter spring found at Menards in their spring assortment drawers. This had the added benefit of releasing the hood  much easier. With the old spring I was afraid the release cable would break as you had to pull on it so hard. Hope this helps.



  10. Does anyone know how to change the bulb for a back up light on a 2006? I'm guessing the lens snaps out since there is no access from behind the bumper to get to a socket, but not sure and afraid I will break it trying to pry off lens, plus and I do not know of a source of a replacement lens.

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