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  1. I can't imagine the indicated; " As for the third anchor point, we ran the strap over the back of the seat through the hatch opening in the parcel shelf and down to a fixing through the side of the spare wheel well, which is very solid." would not do much as an anchor to prevent forward movement of the shoulder belt in a case of a crash (the seat back would just come forward along with the belt).
  2. I would think that you would have to add something like a second roll bar (connected to the frame) near the rear window in order to have the proper strength for rear shoulder belts.
  3. It probably is a 350. Some of the late RQA 1970s came with a 350 instead of the 327 that most RQA 1970 models had.
  4. That is a nice set up when working well. I remember working on the clutch and throw out bearing in one. It was a real "bear" to R&R the transmission (with engine in car). It was an all black car that had been drag raced in the Mid-Atlantic area.
  5. If the engine needs a rebuild, since it came with a 327, I suggest considering either a new crate engine or an already remanufactured engine (Chevrolet small block). What part of the World are you and the Avanti located in? It doesn't appear to have been driven on salty roads.
  6. A way to empty a supercharger, that you do not suspect has any contamination in the fluid, without removing the supercharger is to move the car outside, remove the S/C belt and use a vacuum line in the fill hole to empty it. (If you forgot to remove the belt first, then remove the S/C and rebuild it.)
  7. What is the car? Out of more than 100 cars, I can only think of one that I repurchased and that was a 1953 Commander Starliner.
  8. Nice car - good luck. I particularly like the color and the wheels.
  9. Please keep in mind that AVXs are not Avantis and were not built in any factory. Three is the correct number of finished cars. A fourth was started and not finished.
  10. I agree with the number of AVXs built/finished as three. I believe that there was also a fourth that was started and not finished (the last that I knew).
  11. Good answer. 1990s did have cup holders in the rear (in the fold down trays). I didn't remember about the front.
  12. Probably. Does it list option 331?
  13. Nice ElCamino. Other than the wheels, it looks like one a local funeral home used for a flower car.
  14. There is a Chrysler motor that interchanges with a rear quarter window motor on a later convertible.
  15. Note that my response was at the same time as the previous response. We both had the same correct answer at the same time.
  16. I think that this is false. The Chrysler motor that interchanges is not for the door.
  17. Is this the same one that was for sale multiple times in a Pepto-Bismol color? Or were there two built on a Leaf chassis? IMO, this color is much more saleable.
  18. Is this the same one that was for sale multiple times in a Pepto-Bismol color? Or were there two built on a Leaf chassis? IMO, this color is much more saleable.
  19. Since my guesstimate was about half way between two of your choices, I will now say 3) 20.
  20. I believe that you have a "custom" set up using an automatic transmission brake pedal in a standard shift car.
  21. I would think that it would weigh about 23 pounds less, so I will say 4) 25.
  22. Are we looking from the front/input side of the differential or the rear cover side?
  23. But will not pass inspection in some/many states. Having been in several rear end collisions, I would want them.
  24. My memory is a little fuzzy on this, but instead of looking into it, I will say 2) Chrysler.
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