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  1. I can't see that as quiet, but I do agree with your statement. The Service Letter states that the R was dropped with R3100, but I believe that the true number was on or about R3601.
  2. I also believe that the two for sale are priced too high, as proven by the lack of a sale of either one over yeats. I have made what I thought was a fair and reasonable offer for eack of these cars. My offers were rejected. I think that if one was put up for an absolute auction, the true market value would be determined. It is true that there are a small number of these cars, but there is also a very small number of people that both want one and are willing and able to pay for one.
  3. I will say 2) 10%. Nate wasn't known for giving things away. Then again, he may have thought it to be good advertising.
  4. Yes, I did notice it. It would have to be 1962 to still be S-P.
  5. No, I wasn't thinking of that one. I was referring to the actual production 1964 Avanti.
  6. It is considered to be the first 1964.
  7. True. Only the Studebaker prototype had a Studebaker engine.
  8. All that I can think of is that was in the midst of both round and square headlight bezels being used.
  9. That is very dependent on the potential buyer. I would think from $100 to $200, but only for a 1964.
  10. I believe that is true. (Unless "chrome" is a trick part of the question)
  11. I think that there were one or two bult with a supercharger. The extra length was added just aft of the door. There were 27 25th Anniversary cars built. The LSC was one of the regular line cars.
  12. The LSC is nine inched longer than a coupe. The base price of the LSC was $55,900. The TV was an option. They were all built on Chevrolet chassis.
  13. The R2 engine in a 1963 Hawk was $367 extra. If you are referring to a package car, I will guess $479.50.
  14. studegary

    Where To?

    My memory says Pennsylvania. (I do not want to take the time to look it up.)
  15. SI's catalog lists them in standard and heavy duty for your Avanti.
  16. Welcome! Also another Gary. I am old enough to be your father 😀. The Studebaker frame was used from 1963 to 1986, inclusive. As mentioned, rust is a big issue. Dash pad condition is another difficult/expensive item.
  17. For 1963 model Avantis, the four speed was a $188.30 option and the automatic was a $210.00 option. I imagine the prices were slightly higher for the 1964 models.
  18. Of all the Avantis that I have owned, worked on or known about (since the 1960s), I believe that only one was a factory three speed standard.
  19. I remember around 1971-1972 when you could buy V8 heads, NOS fenders, etc. at Hurwich for $10 each.
  20. I do not think that it is any one of these, it was a combination of things. I will pick no. 3. No. 1 also played a roll. Not no. 4 because C/K (Hawk) models had been built in the Hamilton plant.
  21. They are a heavy vinyl. I have one of the Studebaker ones.
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