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  1. I do not know why it is referred to as a "surge tank". It is an expansion tank. I suggest repairing what you have. EDIT: That is not a stock hood liner on your Avanti.
  2. Yes, you are correct. I was too fast with my answer.
  3. My $1188 is from 1963 pricing, so assuming the price went up for 1964, I will now say; 4) $1402.70. Remember that for a Hawk, the bump for an R3 has to be added to the bump for an R1.
  4. Control of Electromatic Radiation. They were on car radios in the early 1950s.
  5. Depends on the year and model of car. For Avantis, I believe that it was 4) On top of glove box.
  6. Not just logical. I vaguely remembered reading this sometime in the dim dark past.
  7. I think that it was to help to keep the cabin cooler, so I will say, 3) reflect heat.
  8. The confusion is in the results for the 1964 race vs. the 1965 race.
  9. I referred to it that way, but it is probably just listed as a supercharger or Golden Hawk or Packard Hawk supercharger. I just wanted to let you know that it is the earlier style. IIRC, there were two for sale there currently/recently. They may only be in the discussion section and not the for sale section. I really did not pay much attention because I am not interested in one.
  10. I will say; 3) $1147, but I believe it to be $1188 (157 + 1031).
  11. At least one person on the SDC Forum is selling a VS-57 style supercharger.
  12. Because she won it.
  13. What is the Avanti's Serial Number? That will clear it up. The Avanti that was nearly complete in South Bend and then shipped to Youngstown for the opening there was a 1987 red convertible.
  14. Are you sure about your question? ISTR that Avanti production moved from South Bend to Youngstown during the 1987 model year.
  15. Thanks for asking - not great. I just got home from the hospital yesterday after surgery. That is why I was not at the Zone Meet.
  16. It is nice that Fel-Pro lists it, but it would be better, and easier to search for, if they spelled Studebaker correctly.
  17. I don't want to bother to look it up, so I will guess 2) 59.
  18. I know that Lew knows his stuff, but it is confusing to refer to the puller as a brake drum puller. The pictures did a lot to clear this up. It is a hub puller that you need.
  19. I was also thinking that they will not physically fit.
  20. Yes, it matters. The striker/latch should only hold the door shut, not cause alignment. The door alignment should be correct without a striker/latch being there.
  21. Open your door about half way. How much can you move the door up and down (play in the hinge/pin)? Perhaps I am simplifying this too much. Have you adjusted where the door bolts to the hinge to give you proper alignment without the use of the striker?
  22. Go to one of the Studebaker/Avanti parts dealers. SI lists it in their catalog.
  23. I do not know how many convertibles, but there were 158 total 1989 model Avantis built. Your car is closer to the end of the run (than the beginning).
  24. He fairly recently relocated to South Carolina. Is that where you are trying to reach him?
  25. You are showing a cast in number. The engine Serial Number is stamped into the block (top, left, front). For the 1963 model year, engine numbers were unique to that particular engine. For the 1964 model year, all engines, of a type, that were made on the same day have the same Engine Number. Provide your stamped Engine Number and we can tell you more.
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