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    Welcome to the AOAI Forum! It appears that you are just a bit younger than I am. My suggestion is to let that project Avanti pass and if you want one, buy the best that you can (it is cheaper in the long run).
  2. I remember S&H and others, but never heard of Gift House.
  3. I will make a WAG at this as 3) 158.
  4. I will guess 2} New York since many new models were unveiled there during that time frame. I was there, but do not remember it. If the timing for NY was off, it would probably be Chicago or even Detroit, due to timing and location.
  5. Is that when the production order was written or the Avanti ordered and not when it was built?. I have 2658 as being a January 1963 build.
  6. Yes, just what I thought and stated.
  7. Your previous post states; "6.70-R15". Aren't these radial construction that are sized to look like original bias ply tires.
  8. Rather than my guess, I went back and looked at some numbers. The fiscal year is not the calendar year, so some assumptions have to be made. There were four base prices during the 1981-1982 years that ranged from $20495 to $24995. 1981 production was 162 and 1982 production was 197. This comes up with a number that is approx. 4)$5 million. EDIT: My first answer was based on estimates in my head. Somewhere I was off by an order of magnitude.
  9. My memory says 1) 1970.
  10. I think that it is false. The Avanti chassis was an existing and tested one. They were more concerned with having models to show at public events/car shows and to picture in promotions.
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