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A shout out to Alan and Lou

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Well, the 2018 meet is done and dusted.

Gentlemen, a big thanks out to you and your crew!  A fine meet.  The first for me, not to be my last.


Ken Buchanan

Edited by Kennie B.
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Hey Lew, you were hustling around pretty good yourself chronicling all that went on.  Thanks for taking all the photos, I look forward to seeing what gets published in the magazine.

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Yes, Al and Lou did an outstanding job. The "doughnut rescue" breakfast on the first day typifies their can do approach. The first reply above from Kennie, well I'd like to thank him for driving me to the family car museum. An outstanding Avanti, he knows his stuff. And he's a nice guy too! Drove all the way from Pasadena - that's confidence in your ride!

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Al, Lou, myself and others have been planning this meet for a long time, but let's not forget the other people who made it work,  like:

Richard Morris who helped in the hospitality room quite a bit and also shuttled some folks from New Zealand to the LeMay Family Collection.

My other half Missi, who spent the majority of the time in the hospitality room making coffee and keeping the snacks and pop replenished.

Dick LeRoux who also helped in the hospitality room.

Carl Doughty who relieved us so we could go see the seminars on the #1 Avanti and see it in person.

And John Hull. What can you say about John other than he will insult you at every opportunity and somehow make it feel like a compliment. ?

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