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Power Door locks on my '85

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When doing my window motors on my '85 I was surprised to see door lock actuators inside the doors. That said, the power locks have never worked since I bought it almost four years ago.

I'd like to diagnose the fault and replace the actuators if necessary and perhaps add a keyless remote - anyone been down this road before with any tips?

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From one of my old posts-

Doing some repairs on my '87 Avanti and I'm replacing the door lock actuator's, here is what I found.

Part is from a '87 Monte Carlo.

Chevrolet & AC Delco # 22062740. No bracket. $54.00 - $95.00

Standard Motor Products # DLA1. With bracket and rubber body boot. $76.00 - $157.00

Dorman # 746-014. No bracket comes with rubber body boot. $39.00 - $68.00.

Standard and Dorman come with a nice rubber boot around the body of the actuator, this is not part of the orginal but would be good for keeping out the weather. The bracket is held on with 4 screws so changing it over is easy. I purchased the Dorman actuator for about $39.00.

End of old post.

Does the switch work?

Do the door actuators click?

Test the switch for power, should have BAT+ power at all times. If not then you have a blown fuse or bad wire.

If the actuators click they may just be weak and need replaced. I believe I found OEM part numbers on mine, been a long time ago.

Once the power locks work and you can identify the wiring, you can get a remote kit installed or you can install it. You could also use the remote to open your power trunk.

I installed this kit on my wife's car. The remotes are metal.


Jim Wood

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Thanks for the tips. Weather looks like it may break next week here in Houston and I will have the enthusiasm to be out in the garage again.

Another subject, where did you get the underhood insulation on your car? I'm wanting to replace mine and like the look of yours...


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