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Rebuilt my door hinges, here's some pictures. :)

Kit I purchased from Nostalgic Motor Cars


will service both doors.


Lower window. Remove 3 bolts holding door rest, use 1/4 inch set.


Remove clip holding door handle. Unscrew door button. Remove all screws around outside of door panel. Carefully pull door panel out at bottom then up. Unplug electrical connectors before removing panel. Hex head screws on electric mirror adjuster are fake, unplug connector or pull mirror adjuster out from back of panel.


The door will have to be removed to rebuild hinges. Remove center harness protector and unplug all electrical connectors. Each hinge is attached to car body with 4 bolts.


Hinge is attached to door with 3 bolts.


I marked all hinges at body and door with a paint pen to help with realignment. I used 2 jack stands to support the bottom of door (not on the edge) while I removed the door hinge bolts - 6 total. It will take 2 people to remove door and set aside. Remove 4 body bolts from each hinge and remove hinge. Rust locked up the 2 outer bolts on my lower hinge and I had to cut the bolts off with a cutting wheel. :angry:


Start driving pin out with hammer and finish with long punch.


Disassembly hinge. Remove plastic bushings from center of hinge.


Clean and paint. Use a hammer to carefully drive in new bushings. I then use Anti-seize Compound to lube the new bushings. Reassemble hinge and drive pin in with hammer. I still found some play at the bottom of the pin so I tack welded it to the body of the hinge, not a problem as the pin doesn't move. Install new spring on top hinge. Install hinge to body using paint marks. Install door. Test and adjust as necessary. Reinstall door panels etc.

Good luck! ;)


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