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Registering '85 Avanti. Need help in finding VIN numbers

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2 hours ago, avanti@gilrose.com said:

We purchased a '85 Avanti 2 out of MN.  We live in California and they require the CHP to verify the VIN in 2 places on the vehicle.  We found one on the dashboard.  Any help with where a 2nd location of the VIN might be would be greatly appreciated.

A small related point.  A 1985 is an Avanti, not an Avanti II or Avanti 2.  

There should be the number either on a plate on the top of the car frame near the right front wheel or on a sticker on the driver's door jamb.  I forget when the changes were made.  Someone else can chime in for what is correct for a 1985 Avanti. 

There were very few 1985 model Avantis built (the last year on a Studebaker chassis).   

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