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1963 and '64 Avanti Posters from Jack Ashcraft Series

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I have one set of these 1963 and 1964 Avanti posters available. They are from the newspaper automotive feature, "Great Cars I Remember" by artist, Jack Ashcraft,. Publication dates were in 1976. These posters each measure 11" wide by 17" high. They would look good matted side-by-side, and housed in one frame.

Note: The black items holding each poster are magnets, not tape. No poster was harmed in the making of this ad! Also, I placed the "NOT ON POSTER" Post-It notes on each piece of artwork to make copying these online images harder. If requested, I will be happy to email the buyer some photos without the Post-It notes, once payment is made.

These two posters are in overall good condition. There are a few marks here and there around the outer borders from storage all these years. However, they will be covered when the posters are matted for display. The price for this set of two posters is $50, plus the cost of shipping in a protective tube. Again, I only have one set available. Thanks for looking. John

119 (597x800).jpg

120 (594x800).jpg

122 (600x800).jpg

125 (600x800).jpg

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I'll just add my comments. I purchased these from John about 20 years ago. Didn't think there were any more left.  Very happy. 

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Hi, Paul. Very good of you to check in with the positive comment. You have a good memory!

I also didn't think I had any more of these nifty Avanti posters available. However, we're getting ready to move after being in our home for 40 years. And, these two remaining posters surfaced from the inner sanctum of my Avanti goodies chamber. Surprise, surprise!  Best regards, John

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