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Bluetooth Tunes for the Avanti

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I was thinking that it would really be nice if my Avanti radio had Bluetooth capability, like the new vehicles, so I could enjoy my choice of streaming music while I drive.  I was a little surprised to find just how easy and inexpensive the solution was.  I bought a Bluetooth/FM adapter from Amazon for $20.  It is very small, and fits neatly into the cigarette lighter socket on the console.  Pairing it to my phone and to the radio was a simple process that took just a few minutes.  The sound is very good,  This adapter has ports for phone charging and for playing tunes from a thumb drive, too.  It also allows hands-free phone usage, although I'm not planning to use that function.  Amazing how much technology is in that tiny package.  The only issue that I have encountered is that the socket on the Avanti is "hot" even when the car is not running. So, the adapter would need to be unplugged to prevent battery drain if parked for an extended period  (I have a "Green Knob" so I shut off the battery when parking in the garage anyhow).   The icing on the cake was that the adapter included an offer from the seller to send me a $15 gift card if I gave the item a good review on Amazon.  So, Bluetooth in the Avanti for $5 !  


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